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Furnishing the players' changing room

The “TSV Steinbach Haiger” soccer club has made a name for itself through its impressive sporting successes and rapid development in recent years.


As a result, the current changing facilities, including sanitary rooms, for the 26 players no longer met their current requirements and needed to be redesigned. This is where C + P came into play. Their furnishing and storage solutions were used to furnish the players' changing room in a way that suited their needs. 

Personalized lockers for each player on the soccer team

The players had a very clear vision: lockers with ample storage space and seating with backrests, storage compartments for shoes, security compartments to store personal items and personalized signs.

Changing room as a central meeting point

The changing room plays an important role as a central meeting point. For this reason, the ability to use the space as a social area for the team to eat and drink is also important. The table in the middle of the room is set before every game. C + P also supplied a new table top to ensure that the table will last for many years to come.

From the first draft to the final planning, intensive discussions took place with the board, trainer and investor. The association carried out the installation independently. With support from the responsible C + P project manager, everything worked smoothly.

Products used:

  • Customized lockers based on the Evolo product line
  • Tabletops

Project Report: