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Working from home

It’s a trend that’s increasingly becoming part of everyday life.


What has long since been common practice for start-ups is now also part and parcel of the work routine of traditional companies. Working from home is becoming increasingly important. The coronavirus pandemic has clearly reinforced this trend, and the feedback from employees is overwhelmingly positive. After an initial phase of getting used to the new situation, most people find that they work more efficiently and have more leisure time, more energy and lower costs. But to work efficiently and well in your home office, it must be set up correctly.

Feeling comfortable at home

Office furniture from C + P turns a home working space into a professional workplace to make you feel comfortable. Sophisticated storage solutions and ergonomically shaped furniture guarantee a healthy and productive ambiance. And they’re real eye-catchers.


Setting up your WFH environment the smart way

Whether you’re working on the move or have fixed WFH arrangements, it is absolutely vital that you have somewhere suitable you can work at home. If you’re to work hard and concentrate, this place should either be a separate room or a separable area. Ideal lighting conditions and the requisite electricity, internet and telephone connections aren’t the only necessities. It’s also important to have sufficient storage space for files and documents, sufficiently large work surfaces and a comfortable chair.


C + P office furniture combines steel, a sustainable material with a stable value, with contemporary design and innovative functionality, and thereby forms the foundation of comfortable working both on company premises and at home. Especially where space is tight, sophisticated planning and selection of furnishings makes all the difference. We’re more than happy to help you implement practical and attractive WFH concepts for your employees.

Steel – the environment-friendly metal

Steel is the foundation of C + P’s products. No other material has more positive properties than steel. In a wide variety of finishes or wraps, it can bring the desired atmosphere into any office – and naturally into the home too.


The advantages that steel offers:

  • Sustainability – steel is 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for moving – steel furniture is limitlessly suitable for moving
  • Durability – steel furniture is particularly durable
  • Security – high burglary protection when combined with a suitable locking system
  • Individual design options – due to color diversity and combinability with other materials
  • Hygiene – steel is particularly easy to clean and hygienic
  • Fire protection – steel can withstand fire if a fire breaks out
  • Ventilation – louvers can be easily integrated in steel furniture

The contemporary WFH checklist

Whether it’s a niche separated by folding screens or room dividers, or a separate room – it’s important to avoid distractions and create a feel-good atmosphere.


A classic desk (ideally height-adjustable) or a modern bureau should provide enough space for a notebook or PC, a second monitor if necessary, and room for comfortable working.


The matching chair guarantees you’ll stay comfortable even when you’re working long hours.


VDU work is tough on the eyes – so adequate, dimmable light sources and also a darkening facility are essential.


Whether you’re dealing with presentations, online conferences or statistical evaluations – suitable technology such as a stable WLAN, a high-quality monitor or even an ergonomic keyboard make work easier.


Cabinets, shelves and organization solutions tailored to the individual room situation provide structure and an overview.



Are you looking for a competent furnishings partner, or are you interested in additional furnishing ideas for your WFH space and office? You have found the perfect match with C + P!


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