On Tour: Cegano SmartTable

16, November 2013

Texas, TX
The Cegano SmartTable is now on its way to San Diego. After crossing through Pennsylvania, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma it is now in Texas. Its destination is the Athletic Business Conference (ABC) and Expo at the San Diego Convention Center, Nov. 21 & 22, 2013, booth 2026.

07, November 2013

New York, NY
The presentation of the Cegano SmartTable at Commercial File of NY was a great success.

01, November 2013

Ohio, OH
On its way to the next event, the Cegano SmartTable crosses again through several States. The winner of “Best of NeoCon Gold Award 2013” will be shown on November 5 & 6 from 12:00 to 3:00pm at Commercial File of NY, Inc., 110 E. 30th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016.
All are welcome.
Registration: info@cp-furniture.com

22, October 2013

Kansas City, MO
This week, the Cegano SmartTable is being presented to a large group of architects in Kansas City. With all its great features, it will surely make a lasting impression.

19, October 2013

Indianapolis, IN
The Cegano SmartTable's newest destination: Kansas City. Leaving Baltimore, it already crossed the States of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. Current location: Indianapolis, IN

16, October 2013

Baltimore, MD
Experience the Cegano SmartTable at the NeoCon East in Baltimore on Oct. 16 & 17. Please visit us at the Baltimore Convention Center, booth #2792.

26, September 2013

Toronto, Canada
For the next two days (Sept. 26 & 27) the Cegano SmartTable is displayed at the IIDEX show at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto.
Please visit us at booth 1309.

20, September 2013

Detroit, MI
Border crossing to Canada via the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit, MI to Windsor, ON
Starting Sept. 26, the Cegano SmartTable can be seen live at the IIDEX (Booth #1309) in Toronto.

12, September 2013

Flagstaff, AZ
Back in motion, the Cegano SmartTable via Route 66 onto its next destination.

29, August 2013

Thousand Oaks, CA
The Cegano SmartTable performs a pit stop in Thousand Oaks, CA before it continues its journey to Canada.

31, July 2013

Santa Barbara, CA
The Cegano SmartTable has reached its destination and awaiting the CP team for the first presentation.

26, July 2013

Landed. The Cegano SmartTable arrived in Los Angeles and is now being transported via truck to its first stop.

25, July 2013

Memphis, TN
Stop in Memphis - "passport control" for Mr. SmartTable at US immigration.

23, July 2013

Frankfurt Airport
Now the flight case must show what it’s made of. The Cegano SmartTable is being loaded into the cargo hold of a plane at Frankfurt Airport.

22, July 2013

Our award winning table goes on tour.
Packed up and ready to go: Our Cegano SmartTable will be shown internationally and let the world see why it received the NeoCon Gold Award 2013.
Today, the flight case is starting its long journey from Breidenbach to Los Angeles via Frankfurt Airport.
Join the North American tour live on facebook now.

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