Our lockers made of steel, also called wardrobes, feature optimum corrosion protection, innovative ventilation concepts, and industry-specific equipment solutions. We ensure the high product quality of our steel cabinets through regular product testing in our inhouse laboratory and test center.
Discover our varied product range: apart from conventional clothes lockers, we also offer locker solutions for separate storage of work and street clothes which meet workplace regulations. An ideal solution for rooms with only limited interior space is a double-tier locker, where user capacity is increased by 100% in the identical space. Another alternative is a Z-locker which, unlike the double-tier locker, also allows long garments to be hung properly.
We offer a wide range of cabinet sub-frames to suit many different purposes. Lockers with feet are regarded as a classical variant. Floors are much easier to clean when lockers with a closed base are used. A bench built underneath the locker makes changing clothes more comfortable and even changing shoes much easier. A locker with a cube seat provides a comfortable bench as well as additional storage space.
A wide range of colors is available to ensure that the clothing lockers can be integrated harmoniously in your spatial concept. Check out the variety of C+P lockers!