Our red-colored fire service lockers and wardrobes made of steel serve as a professional storage solution for fire service turnout gear and protective equipment. In alternative colors, they are also used as rescue service lockers for the police or technical emergency service, for example.
The open design of the fire service lockers provides quick access to the interior; protective clothes, safety belts, respiratory masks, lifelines as well as helmets can be stored in the rescue locker. Private valuables can be placed in the security compartment which is integrated in the fire service lockers.
If there are not any separate changing cubicles available, our open fire service wardrobes are an optimal alternative. They are usually placed near the emergency vehicle in the garage. The free-standing coat rack section with a shoe and helmet rack provides enough space to hang up the entire fire protection uniform. Valuables and private garments can be stored in the two lockable steel cabinets.