SonicWall Soft Element

Sonic Wall Soft

Detailed acoustics solutions.

SonicWall is well thought-out and offers an unrivaled spectrum. This is an overview of the most important variants. Your C+P furnishing consultant will be happy to give you further information and show you the optimum solution for you.

... as a workstation divider:

Ideal for double desks or team workstations.

... as a stand-alone wall:

With acoustics filling, lighting, or sound system.

... as a board wall element:

With acoustically effective filling.

... as a ceiling canvas:

For direct assembly on the ceiling or suspension.

SonicWall Soft offers:

Acoustically effective partition with individual motifs

  • Cover made from acoustically effective textile
  • Acoustic effects (shielding and absorption) promote focused work and create privacy in open-concept workplaces
  • Covers can be switched out easily
  • Free choice of motifs, customizable, motifs on both sides
  • Only 50 mm thick
  • Ultra-lightweight construction, simple assembly
  • High-quality aluminum profile with integrated clamping slots to receive the pre-assembled textile cover
  • Custom formats possible
  • Additional sound-absorbing filler for better acoustic effects available upon request
  • Acoustic foam and textiles certified according to ÖkoTex100 standard
  • Textile covers with pressure always include B1 fire protection coating

Sound absorption degree αS
for the products listed below, measured in an echo chamber in accordance with DIN EN ISO 354.

SonicWall Soft: Individualized.

The capacity to shield off sounds is just as important in a room as general sound absorption: Reciprocal disruptions in an open-plan office, which can be caused by phone calls or conversations, should be avoided. And better yet, if the sound shielding not only pleases the ear, but also the eye.