Assembled box lockers

The assembled box lockers from the S 5000 Resisto series offer:


  • Durable steel structure
  • All compartments are easy to reach for children, making them ideal for use in schools and childcare facilities
  • 3 different depths: 540, 640, and 740 mm (absolute body depths 480, 580, and 680 mm)
  • Depths of 640 and 740 mm ideally suited for storing large gym bags
  • Assembled box lockers with decor top made of MCPB (melamine coated particle board)
  • All lockers with attractive base, 100 mm high, in color of body and 30 mm height adjustment
  • Special doors made of steel 1.5 mm thick, curved to the front, absolutely sturdy and “vandal-resistant”
  • Door hinged on right with sturdy strap hinges
  • Each door with cylinder lock and 2 keys
  • Door opening limiter 80° and wall mounting as standard features
  • Other lock types, such as coin-operated locks, or other electronic locking systems available as well
  • All lockers with louvers in the rear panel and 20 mm wall spacer
  • Tops standard with 20 mm projection in the rear

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