Z lockers Business Class

Business Class Z lockers offer you more:

  • Optimum use of the interior space for 2 users, with low floor-space requirements
  • Lots of storage space! Large, bulky bags or helmets, long garments, shoes, and small objects all have their place
  • Excellent view of locker content thanks to the functional interior arrangement
  • No troublesome door projections like in conventional Z lockers, meaning there is no risk of injury
  • All users have compartments of exactly the same size
  • Uniform appearance with a harmonious mix of small and large doors that fits well into any room
  • Durable sheet steel construction with multi-functional modular system and overlapping doors
  • Spacious body height of 1850 mm (1950 mm incl. feet or base)
  • Body and steel doors electrolytically zinc-plated as a standard
  • Fronts made of steel, optionally HPL with wood decor or enameled glass for an even more attractive appearance
  • Double-walled design for high stability
  • Smooth interior walls - sanitary and easy to clean
  • Compartment sizes can also be retrofitted later
  • Door opening limiter 90° and doorstop silencers for outstanding closing characteristics as standard fittings
  • Cylinder lock with 2 keys
  • Novel slanted roof (optional)

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