For the highes t demands.

For some tasks, you simply need an expert. Such as the furnishing of changing rooms. Whenever you need a crucial “extra bonus” in terms of space, function and design – Prefino is in its element.

Do you demand the best? Do you set great store by variability and retrofitting flexibility? Is hygiene particularly important in your premises? Do you need online locking systems that are managed securely and neatly connected? Do you require solutions for creative room lighting? Then Prefino from C+P – the market leader in changing-room and cloakroom furnishing – is the perfect system for you.

Prefino bag locker with glass fronts, glass cover plate and integrated drinking water fountain.

Additional space:
The storage box allows you to take advantage of redundant space in the locker.

Pools and spas
Modern pools are designed to offer worlds of experience, where the visitors can find everything under one roof: A swimmer’s paradise, an oasis of vitality, thermal spa and sauna worlds and a range of shopping and catering facilities. The changing areas need to meet special requirements, which can range from attractive glass doors to electronic online locking systems. Prefino has the right products to meet all requirements.

Sports, fitness and wellness facilities
What is the first thing you see after checking in? The changing rooms. Appealing and versatile fittings can be a superb advertisement for the facilities. Prefino makes a definite statement with a wide range of options: Flexible configurations, special motifs to individualise the design, interesting light moods created by the room lighting integrated into the locker roof – and much, much more.

Hospitals and clinics
Hygiene, cleanliness and safety are important factors in medicine and healthcare. Prefino is easy to clean and decontaminate, and provides specific solutions for all areas – staff or operating changing areas, or security compartments for the patients – together with a wide range of matching add-on furniture.

Brilliantly equipped:
Mirror blanking panels with illumination and trays to ensure the best possible utilisation of the front side.

Ideas . Planning. Solut ions .

Prefino locker systems do not just blend perfectly into the overall architecture, they can even play a role in shaping the same, thus creating an incomparable impression. One example of this is the locker roof with integrated room lighting, which can be individually controlled.

C+P offers practical solutions for creative room planning – from easy-to-use planning tools right up to animated 3-D visualisation. You will be amazed at just how much you can do with Prefino!!

Take a seat!

The widest range of sub-frames is used in locker systems, depending on the building concept. Prefino is flexible – and therefore ideally suited, no matter what the requirements are.

In addition to the classic feet or bases, integrated bench solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Benches are available to surround the lockers on an on-site base, for installation in front of lockers with shortened doors, or with storage boxes incorporated beneath them. Prefino is the best choice to achieve the ideal result.

Numbering and orientation:
Colour matching inscriptions and pictograms are available to ensure optimal room orientation and numbering.

Bench with incorporated storage box:
The seat also acts as a locking flap, which can only be opened by the person using the locker. The storage box provides convenient storage and easy access to bags, helmets, and much, much more.

All of the sub-frames shown here are extremely easy to clean – not least thanks to the clean-cut design of the corners. So you can enhance the hygiene in the room while at the same time benefitting from easy, fast and therefore lower-cost cleaning. The version with incorporated storage box makes use of the previously unused space to provide additional storage, thus offering the visitors genuine added benefit.

Integrated bench with HPL seat:
Both this bench and the version with storage box incorporated beneath it can be retrofitted if required.

I t ’ s your choice.

The Prefino series offers the right locker for every application. Because we set great store by variability. You can bet our range has the right model for you, too.

Your C+P furniture consultant will be glad to give you more information and to demonstrate the ideal solution for you.

The Prefino series from C+P is available ...

... in compartment widths
of 300 or 400 mm, with one, two, three or four compartments (compartment width 400 mm: up to three compartments)

... in different designs
with continuous doors and two, three, four, five or six lockers on top of each other

... in a wide range of front and door finishes
e.g. in steel or stainless steel, wood decor or real-wood veneer, enamelled glass or utterly individual with printed glass or vectogram cut into HPL

… on various mounts
on feet or with a base, wallmounted or on an on-site plinth

... with sub-frames, corner solutions, panels and installation sloping roofs
with integrated bench, storage box, panels for interior and external corners, mirror or technology panels for the front faces, and installation sloping roofs with or without lighting

... as solutions for special requirements
e.g. with doors that close together, with security compartments, Z locker versions or for special tasks as “communication islands” or bag lockers

An ingenious combinat ion.

A wide choice of attractive coatings and surfaces are standard at C+P. Or we can customize the colour or surface finish to your individual requirements. You will find the entire range and additional information about colour design in the latest catalogue. Have fun choosing!

Carcass and door colours:
The Prefino series offers numerous additional options besides the classic white aluminium and black-grey carcass colours.

HPL decor fronts:
Contemporary decors are available for HPL fronts and blanking panels.

Glass colours:
Doors made of colourfully enamelled glass with gloss or matt front.

Real-wood veneers:
The right choice for representative areas. Many contemporary veneers are available.

Steel doors:
Double-skin and insulated, with the classical elegance of a peerless material.

HPL doors:
Made of high-pressure laminate, 13 mm thick, available in many attractive decors.

Doors with real-wood veneer:
The right choice for sophisticated surroundings.

Glass doors:
Sophisticated door variant made of 8 mm-thick, colourfully enamelled toughened safety glass.