Our cabinets for warehouse and workshop stand out due to their extremely high stability, durability, and suitability for moving. Equipment and tool cabinets made of steel enable not only safe and tidy storage of work materials and tools but also help to optimize workflows: tool cabinets with viewing windows, for example, provide a clear view of the cabinet contents, which avoids lengthy searching. Modern improvement and simplification strategies such as KAIZEN or CPI can also be easily implemented during operations in this manner.
Heavy-duty cabinets feature a very high load capacity and are suitable for heavy warehouse goods. Storage cabinets are used to store small parts and fastening technology. For professional storage of water-polluting liquids, we also have a suitable storage solution: our hazardous substance cabinets with collecting trays meet legal requirements and enable optimum hazard prevention. Whether with hinged or sliding doors, C+P cabinets are available in many different colors and sizes.