The Evolution of a Classic

Boring changing rooms? Not anymore! Those times are now over – C+P’s Evolo is setting new standards. And with its consistent design and the choice between an MDF or HPL decor front, Evolo now opens up new areas of use that were out of the question for old-fashioned lockers. Attractive looks with an enviable price-performance ratio: That is what sets the Evolo from C+P, the market leader in steel furnishings and fittings, apart from the rest.

With its tasteful decor exchangeable fronts, Evolo can offer a number of optical highlights. The doors can even be exchanged retrospectively. In addition to the visual plus points, the range features technologically intelligent solutions such as the unique drying and ventilation concept.

Evolo Umkleiddebereich mit untergebauter Schuhbox für mehr Stauraum
Evolo Sicherheitsdrehriegel
Safety turning bolt:

It is not possible to destroy the locking mechanism by turning it too far as the locking cylinder only engages after the padlock has been removed.

Evolo mit Zylinderschloss
Cylinder lock:

As platelet cylinder, pin cylinder or dimple lock. With master key function if required.

Evolo mit Safe o mat schloss
SAFE-O-MAT lock:

As deposit or token-operated lock with practical twin coin function.

Evolo mit PIN-Code Schloss
PIN code lock:

The simple solution with freely selectable PIN code. Ideal wherever no keys or data carriers are to be used.

Elektronisches Schließ­system GAT-Lock 6010
GAT-Lock 6010:

Electronic locking system with button function and various options for data carrier integration.

Evolo PIN-Schloss RFID-Schloss NFC-Schloss

Variable locking system with different operating options – from PIN code to transponder to NFC technology.

Evolo mit integrierter Trennwand
Partition below the hat shelf:

Made of steel, available as swiveling or fixed version. Alternatively made of plastic, can be moved / swiveled, easy to clean.

Evolo Schuhboden
Additional shoe shelf:

Installation height approx. 50 mm. Can easily be retrofitted by a non-specialist!

Evolo Wertfach
Interior security compartment:

Instead of the hat shelf. With cylinder lock. Available for compartment widths 300 and 400 mm.

Evolo Spiegel

On the inside of the door, size approx. 110 x 90 mm.

Evolo Handtuch- und Duschgelhalterung
Towel / shower gel holder:

Made of chromed metal for the inside of the door, available for steel and decor doors.

Evolo Schuhhalterung
Flip-flop / shoe holder:

Made of chromed metal for the inside of the door, available for steel and decor doors.

The choice is yours.

One product for all requirements? Not any more. The Evolo series is so comprehensive that you will find the right locker for every application. And that certainly includes yours! Your C+P advisor will be glad to provide you with more information and show you the optimum solution for your installation.

Evolo Schränke in verschiedenen Ausführungen

…in compartment widths of 300 or 400 mm, with one, two, three, four or five compartments (compartment width 400 mm up to four compartments).

…with various sub-structure options feet or base, bench in front, low-slung or below or with lower storage box (only where doors close towards each other).

…with various front materials in steel or with MDF or HPL decor fronts.

…with different door types e.g. doors that close towards each other for common locking, one door for two compartments (street clothes / work clothes variant) or as single and double-tier combination locker.

…as multi-level variant as double-tier lockers (two doors, one above the other) and assembled box lockers.

…with intelligent and attractive interior fittings as laundry locker, cleaning equipment locker or as storage locker.

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