Water walls: Pleasant indoor air cooling & dehumidification

Water as a natural promoter of health

Water walls from C+P increase humidity in interiors and produce a healthy indoor climate. A thin water film flows over a vertical glass wall: through passive evaporation, water is released into the indoor air, which prevents excess humidity in the room and the formation of undesirable mold at the same time. Suspended particles such as dust or pollen are filtered out of the air; fats or toxins adhering to the dust are neutralized. 

Particularly allergy sufferers appreciate the positive health properties of water objects. Too dry indoor air also has a negative impact on human mucous membranes: nose, mouth, and skin are irritated, and flu viruses multiply much faster. In this manner, the humidification of air caused by the water walls helps to improve healt

Water elements purify the air & provide pleasant cooling

A pleasant cooling effect is also created by natural purification of air. As a pleasant place to rest and relax with recreational value, water walls can, for example, be integrated in office landscapes, hotel lobbies, entrance areas or production halls. The water wall can also be used as a healthy and acoustically effective partition to divide work, meeting, and rest areas. They boast not only an appealing design but also a sound-absorbing effect. Thanks to the consistent design of our water walls, they can also be integrated homogeneously in the C+P partition systems.
In conformity with biophilic approaches, natural elements such as water have a positive impact on employee wellbeing. A water wall creates a direct connection with nature, resulting in an atmosphere which increases employee vitality and balances body and mind.


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