Sideboard tops with greenery

Brightening up workplaces with plants

Our sideboard tops with integrated greenery bring a piece of nature into the work environment. As a beautiful decoration element, the planted steel tops made of stainless steel (galvanized and coated) for our C+P sideboards are designed and can be placed beside our desks in a flush manner. So you can create a symmetrical green image in your office.
To enable you to match the appearance of sideboards tops to your furnishing concept, the housing is available in different colors. The tops for your cabinets are equipped with greenery as standard by us – however, this can also be carried out by your own gardener, if desired. 

Product information

  • Material: Steel (galvanized and coated) 
  • Planting included in the delivery scope
  • Watering by hand

 Different dimensions: 

  • H 180 mm x W 800 mm x D 400 mm
  • H 180 mm x W 1000 mm x D 400 mm
  • H 250 mm x W 800 mm x D 400 mm
  • H 250 mm x W 1000 mm x D 400 mm




Bepflanzte Aufsätze für C+P Sideboards


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