Planters with sound-absorbing effect

Sound absorber & greenery in one

Our planters stand out due to their sound-absorbing effect by means of which they help to improve room acoustics. What's more, the attractive greenery enhances the feel-good atmosphere in interiors. Made of micro-perforated steel lined with a sound absorber, the planter is designed with fine perforations and air volume behind the steel shell which create a sound-absorbing effect.
The reverberation time – i.e the time it takes for a sound event to become inaudible – is noticeably reduced by absorption in the room. They are the ideal solution for open-plan or open-concept offices to minimize noise and improve air quality. Our plant containers also stand out due to their clever functions and space-saving design, for they combine an absorber and greenery in one product!
The planters are equipped with greenery by us as standard, however you can commission your own gardener, if desired. The integrated water level indicator ensures the plants are watered adequately. The linear design of the planters matches our water walls and hedge elements perfectly.

Product information

  • Dimensions: H750 x W400 x L400 mm or H1310 x W400 x L400 mm
  • Housing made of micro-perforated steel
  • Integrated sound absorber for reduction of reverberation time in the room
  • Plastic insert for planting
  • Plants planted in mineral substrate
  • Integrated water level indicator
  • Available in different RAL colors
  • Design matches water walls & hedge elements 




C+P Pflanzgefäß: Schallabsorber und Grünpflanze


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