Hedge elements – mobile indoor greening

Green partitions for absorption & shielding open spaces

Our hedge elements are used as natural green partitioning in interiors and provide for optimal indoor air quality. As a highly efficient air filter, the green hedge covered all over with leaves can filter formaldehyde, benzene, or other harmful substances out of the air and convert them into oxygen. Combined with an acoustically effective filling, it can also be used to improve room acoustics.

When dividing open work and meeting areas, one green hedge replaces three separating elements: a stand-up wall, a plant, or furniture which is solely used for zoning. For this reason, a hedge element is considered to be a very resource-conserving and economically efficient investment. Thanks to their mobility, the green partitions can also be used flexibly and in different rooms. The C+P hedge element is planted on both sides as standard - when one side of the wall is planted, the other side can be used as a pin board or a magnetic wall. 

Sustainable, innovative & efficient interior greening

Research results from the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP confirm the positive impact of green elements in the work environment. Employees show a much higher acceptance compared to conventional partitioning, and plants also have a positive impact on health, wellbeing, and feeling of comfort. Further studies also indicate that employees want to have natural elements such as greenery near their workplace.1

Product information

• Plant species: philodendron, planted in substrate, covered with gravel
• Total leaf surface: approx. 6 m² with an element size of 1980 x 1200 mm
• Optional: recyclable filling material for absorption or shielding
• Smooth-running, lockable casters (concealed) for every floor covering
• Base (low or high) made of steel, available in different RAL colors

Care, installation & maintenance

In one hedge element, 8 plants with 8 shoots each are planted in the base. Clips are used to fasten long shoots to the rear or support panel
Long-term fertilizer is used to fertilize the greenery. Maintenance and pruning is required every 6 months.
Depending on the light conditions, the green hedge has to be irrigated by hand with approx. 6-8 liters of water every 2 to 3 weeks. A special irrigation cart can also be used alternatively.

Vgl.: 1 Klaffke, M., (2016), Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft, Gestaltungsansätze und Good-Practice-Beispiele


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