Green walls – for a pleasant indoor climate

Resource-saving wall greening for interiors

C+P green walls help to improve indoor climate and room acoustics in interiors, which has a positive impact on human wellbeing. The spaciously designed wall is vertically equipped with many small plants, which increase humidity in interiors and filter harmful germs or vapors out of the air at the same time. Green walls are also ideal for natural partitioning of open office spaces into working and meeting zones. Thanks to their consistent design, they can also be integrated in the C+P partition systems.

Studies suggest that green areas in the work environment have a positive impact on employees, resulting in increased cognitive abilities and creativity as well as higher concentration and labor productivity. In addition, stress in the workplace is reduced, health is promoted, and wellbeing is enhanced. Extensive wall greening is also space-saving and economical: the integration of green walls in office landscapes makes the use of additional potted plants to optimize the indoor climate unnecessary. Bring a piece of nature into your interiors and experience the positive properties of our green walls!

Angenehmes Raumklima durch C+P Pflanzenwände

Installation, maintenance & care of the green wall

A central control system ensures automatic irrigation and fertilization of the plants. The control system can also be optionally integrated in our C+P cabinet. The control technology of the green wall requires maintenance every 6 months.
Vertical greening is carried out after delivery of the green wall on site with the collaboration of a gardener who can be selected by the customer. Homogeneous and extensive greenery is recommended for wall greening. The optimum planting plate thickness is 3-5 cm. The plants require pruning every 3 months.
The green walls require daylight or an adequate substitute for daylight. To ensure continuous care and maintenance of the green areas, it is advisable to take out a service contract with a local gardener.

Product information

  • Modular delivery
  • Adaptation of height to the customer's room/system height
  • Condensation insulation of all components
  • Central irrigation and fertilization system 
  • Different colors for frame, trough & water carrier medium
  • Side panels for covering edges of the planter boxes and lines
  • Base cover made of micro-perforated steel


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Pflanzenwand von C+P - für eine angenehme Raumakustik