Desks Cegano - straight lines combined with soft curves

Both excellence and fascination are recognizable. The product personality of Cegano is characterized by an unmistakable “runner” design. A formal language where straight lines are attractively combined with soft curves. The chrome-plated version is not only sophisticated, but also immensely resistant thanks to its durable surface.

In this impressive play of contrasts, the filigree runner encloses the black gray core.

Convenient height adjustment:

User-friendly and future-proof height adjustment from 650 - 850 mm, adjustable in 10-mm steps.

Beautiful and functional:

The Cegano design runner – here in the chrome-plated design.

Raster height adjustment:

The height adjustment works quickly and simply with a quick-action lock and is easy to operate.

Cable aperture sockets:

The cable aperture sockets may be positioned at any point on the desk. They are available in plastic or in a metal design with a brush insert.

The suitable environment

Good tables are one thing – suitable wall systems are another. Particularly in an open-plan office, acoustically effective surfaces enable privacy and communication in the right place. That is pleasant not only for your ears but for your eyes as well.

As a transparent, translucent variant or with custom printed fabric: SonicWall from C+P harmonizes perfectly with the Cegano tables and ensures optimum visual and acoustic effects in the room. 

The right occasional furniture provides storage and flexibility. For example the pull-out cabinet: At table height as shown, it extends the work surface and replaces the pedestal. As a tall pull-out cabinet, it provides additional privacy for undisturbed work. The mobile occasional tables are universally usable, for example as a high desk which promotes movement at work.

SonicWall Soft (stand-up wall):

Fabric-covered, acoustically effective stand-up wall with individual printed motifs or also fabrics provided by customers. As a single wall or a workstation divider.

SonicWall Clear:

The translucent plastic honeycomb material with micro-perforation combines sound absorption qualities with a transparent and light appearance.

Open-concept workplace in an open-plan office:

With the Asisto pull-out cabinet, everything you need is always ready to hand. The SonicWall Clear workstation divider enables transparent sound absorption.

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