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Regardless of whether there are just a few people in attendance at your meeting today or you have to organize a large meeting tomorrow, Cegano furniture can be adapted to your requirements – mobile, simple and elegant. And the best thing is: The integrated technology can be made available to anyone immediately without extensive planning and having to employ specialists. Just connect it, use it and if necessary upgrade it flexibly.

Spontaneous meetings:

These meetings often take place while standing and are usually shorter in duration. How efficient the meetings are depends on having the right environment: We offer everything from acoustically effective wall and furniture surfaces to a standing table with integrated technology.

Small team meetings:

Quickly take a seat in the meeting room, connect your notebook or tablet PC and you’re all set to go: Present your interim results, work on documents together and if necessary get your colleague involved by setting up a video or web conference.

Medium-sized meetings:

The more people that take part, the more content there is to be shared. This works well if everybody has the right connections at their workspace, the process of switching between the signal sources runs smoothly and simply and the screen and the media cart are portable.

Larger meetings and telepresence:

You’re so close, its as if you’re there: Telepresence systems increase the number of people involved in a meeting. Suitable table shapes offer good visibility and ensure excellent communications. The mobile media cart with two screens shows external participants and presentation content at the same time. And after the conference is over: Simply make use of the mobile furniture somewhere else!

Option to choose between analog or digital

Hybrid technologies are all the rage as they give you the freedom of choice – just like the Cegano table. The most conventional analog and digital connections: VGA, HDMI and (Mini) DisplayPort can be found in the same cable flap. Only C+P gives you this option! Simply connect, press the relevant button on the glass control panel and present your content.

And if you want to edit confidential content again after the presentation: You can remove your signal from the presentation screen immediately by pressing the “X” button.

Glass control panel:

The control panel can be used to switch all three signal sources separately and you press the “X” button to remove the signal.

One flap – three connections:

Hybrid technology for connecting to analog and digital signal sources without an adapter.

Clean sweep:

The power packs, excess cables and superfluous plugs disappear into the cable trough.

Communication area:

Impressive meeting point with retractable screen and lockers for visitors.

Wireless charging:

Modules for wireless charging of smartphones are integrated in the international “Qi” standard.

Stackable for space-saving storage:

Tables that are only used occasionally can be stacked and nested to save space.

„Plug and play“:

The foldable tabletops have made the complicated connection underneath the table a thing of the past: Set up – connect – use!

Show your colors:

Cegano tables are available with different top decors and frame colors that match your surroundings and the desired ambiance.

Flexible and sturdy:

Thanks to the integrated casters, you can move the tables wherever they are needed in no time at all. Once you put the table down, it remains there - secure and sturdy.

As fast as it gets:

The locking mechanism that folds the tabletop up or down can be undone in a single motion.

Mobile lift tables:

Suitable as a sit/stand solution for spontaneous brief meetings, an occasional table for conference beverages, or for flexible training sessions and workshops.

Available at all times:

The lift tables can be adjusted using a gas pressure spring measuring 720-1135 mm. The attractive base is equipped with integrated casters.

Simply smart – with or without a cable

You no longer have to mess around with adapters! The cable-based Cegano solo tables can offer the most common analog and digital connections to enable everybody to find the right cable for their device. The signal for the presentation screen is connected by practical buttons on the cable or by touch fields
in the tabletop.

Cegano Smart with its completely wireless connection is ideal for those who don’t like using cables. The Cegano Smart can be used to connect and transmit signals from different end devices with a wireless connection. The complicated process of searching for the right source in the TV remote control menu is therefore
a thing of the past.

Whether your device is with or without cables, you can choose from different tabletop shapes and equipment.


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Always suits your purpose:

It is also possible for VGA, HDMI and (Mini) DisplayPort connections to be integrated into the solo tables. The illuminated button can be found on the cable with this version.

In good shape:

Cegano gives you the choice: Standing or seat height? Classic round, rectangular or square design? Or do you prefer the innovative Wankel shape?

Up to 100 participants:

Cegano stackable tables can be expanded almost continuously and have all the functions of each individual table.


Find the right plug immediately for your device simply by using pictogram. The connection cables are also built in to each table. It can’t get any easier and simpler than that.

Lectern and projector table:

The sophisticated Cegano add-on modules for every conference area.

The best possible addition

The Cegano product range not only offers great conference room and meeting tables, but also provides a fully fledged series of products. You have the option of combining parts with or without a power/data connection according to your requirements. The lectern and projector table are available as supplementary products. Both these products also offer a power and data connection. Additional elements like the modesty panel round off the product series. Additional furniture such as the Asisto fridge caddys are practical additions to each conference room.

All you need is one set of products to ensure that your meetings, congresses, conferences and training courses go according to plan: Cegano from C+P, the leading provider of technology that can be intelligently integrated into modern furniture.


The modesty panel made of translucent plastic offers the required shielding.

LOCK table connector:

These practical connector parts are fastened directly under the table, which ensures that they do not get lost.

Use technology simply

This plug and play promise applies to the entire Cegano product range: Set up, connect and start immediately.

Step 1:

First move the table on the conveniently integrated casters to the required position and use the folding mechanism to raise the top.

Step 2:

Then join the power, data and media connections to the tables

Finally fold the tabletops back up again and just use the practical LOCK connectors to create your required table configuration. The tables are stable, even without a locking mechanism.

The conference can start!

Here you can find connection and configuration examples for both solo tables and the almost infinitely extendable stackable tables.

Stackable table functions

Fold, don´t crawl:

The tabletops that can be folded up in just one action make connecting and linking tables a simple experience.

Flexible and stable:

The mobile Cegano conference tables are simple to move and remain stable without a locking device.

Stackable for space-saving storage:

Tables that are only used occasionally can be stacked and nested to save space.

Rectangular or with rounded edges:

The tabletops have a rectangular design as standard. The design with rounded corners (radius 40 mm) makes it easy to route cables without additional cable outlets.

Tabletop materials

MFC tabletop:

Standard tabletop, 25 mm thick as a melamine coated particle board with a wood or plain decor and edge band.

HPL tabletop:

High pressure laminate HPL tabletop, 16 mm thick, for integrating the cable flap.

Real wood tabletop:

Dreischicht-Feinspanplatte, 25 mm stark, mit Echtholz­furnier und Mas­sivholzkante.

Corian© tabletop:

High-quality, mineral-organic composite material, 25 mm thick.

Glass tabletop:

Toughened safety glass (ESG) with polished edges, 10 mm thick.

Frame colors

Attractive color combinations:

Cegano table frames are available in the colors white aluminum, white, and black gray. They can be combined with runners in white aluminum, white, black gray, or chrome.

Design runners:

The design runners characterize the personality of Cegano pro­ducts. Available in coated or chrome-coated design.

Floor disk in gloss chrome:

Passend zur Tischplatte in runder, quadratischer oder Wankelform-Ausführung.

Media technology and cable duct

Socket strip:

The socket strip can be used to simply house sockets underneath the tabletop.

Cable aperture socket:

Made of metal, with stainless steel look. With integrated cable aperture and brush seal.

Glass control panel:

The control panel can be used to switch all three signal sources separately and you press the “X” button to remove the signal. 

One flap – three connections:

Hybrid technology for connecting to analog and digital signal sources without an adapter.

Lift tables

Mobile, foldable and stackable tables:

Cegano lift tables are the ideal “stand-by furniture”: As a sit/stand solution (720-1135 mm) for spontaneous short meetings, as an occasional table and mobile aid for versatile use and for flexible training courses and workshops.

Projector table and lectern

The best possible add-on modules:

The movable projector table with cable management drawer and the equally mobile lectern equipped with power which comes with a modesty panel and tilting top make every conference a complete success.

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