Cambio can do more

C+P’s Cambio is more than just a locker! Cambio’s versatility and multifunctionality allow you to configure your space as you like and create a unique ambiance. But looks aren’t everything: You will find all the reasons why Cambio can also meet all your expectations when it comes to day to day usage.

One of the unique aspects of the range is the fact that it can be deployed in all sectors and areas of use. That means that every installation is tailor-made. Not only does Cambio fit perfectly to your specific surroundings, but it enhances them as well. Cambio from C+P is the perfect answer for all applications that call for top-of-the-range design and optimal functionality.


  • Fitness, Wellness, Leisure

    The first thing after checking in: The changing rooms. Pleasing and versatile fixtures become the visiting card of your facility. C+P’s Cambio fulfills these requirements both from the optical and technological points of view: With attractive front materials, functional and intelligent locker configuration, optimal space usage and retrofitting options. So the wellness expe­rience already starts in the changing room.

  • Industry, Trade, Commercial

    Changing rooms for industrial or commercial use place special demands on the furniture. Cambio represents the perfect product of a market leader’s decades-long experience – e.g. in the form of the optimal ventilation and drying functionality thanks to the SVL concept, or through the practical configuration variants, or with the ‘floating configuration’ on pillars for extreme ease of cleaning.

  • Hospitals, Clinics, Homes

    In the medical and health-care context, hygiene, cleanliness and safety are the paramount factors. This applies equally to patient lockers, employee lockers or safes for visitors’ valuables. Cambio combines the best possible cleaning characteristics with unlimited color variations. That means it can adapt to any interior design concept – with unlimited freedom of choice in the locker configuration. And that means: No-risk investment on account of the easy retrofitting options.



Hochwertige C+P Spinde Cambio
Cambio Türfront Stahl Lackiert


Cambio Türfront in Edelstahl

     Stainless steel

Cambio Türfront in Dekor

     Wood decor

Cambio Türfront in Echtholz

            Real-wood veneer

Cambio Türfront in HPL mit Vektogramm

      HPL with vectogram

Mechanical locking systems

Cylinder lock:

As platelet cylinder, pin cylinder or dimple lock. With master key function and number label if required.

Safety turning bolt:

It is not possible to destroy the locking mechanism by turning it too far as the locking cylinder only engages after the padlock has been removed.

SAFE-O-MAT lock:

As deposit or token-operated lock with practical twin coin function and as ticket-operated lock.

Electronic offline locking systems

PIN code lock:

The simple solution with freely selectable PIN code. Ideal wherever no keys or data carriers are to be used.

GAT-Lock 6010:

Electronic locking system with button function and various options for data carrier integration.


Variable locking system with different operating options – from PIN code to transponder to NFC technology.

Electronic online locking systems

Schrankzubehör Spiegel

Mirror available in two sizes (90 x 100 or 200 x 300 mm).

Schrankzubehör Handtuch- und Duschgelhalter
Towel / shower gel holder:

Made of chromed metal for the inside of the door, available for steel and decor doors.

Schrankzubehör Badelatschenhalter
Flip-flop / shoe holder:

Made of chromed metal for the inside of the door, available for steel and decor doors.

Schrankzubehör Zusätzlicher Schuhboden
Additional shoe shelf:

installation height approx. 250 mm. Can easily be retro­fitted by a non-specialist!

Schrankzubehör Türnummerierung
Door numbering:

As film; digit combinations with three characters each. In white aluminum or anthracite.

Schrankzubehör Reihen-Nummerierung und Piktogramme
Row numbering and pictograms:

As film; digit combinations with seven characters each and also as complete pictogram including text. In white aluminum or anthracite.


Türen einwandig mit geschlossenen Seitenprofilen für höchste Stabilität und Einbruchsicherheit.

Double-wall doors with insulation; sandwich construction with good sound absorption.

New door opening limiter 90°:

Made from special heavy-duty, plastic-coated stainless steel cable. Standard design for all steel and decor doors.

Door hinge of aluminum die-cast/plastic for steel doors.


HPL door with attractive wood decor.

HPL = high pressure laminate (high-density solid core compact panel with decor).

New door opening limiter 90°:

Made from special heavy-duty, plastic-coated stainless steel cable. Standard design for all steel and decor doors.

Door hinge of stainless steel for decor doors.

The choice is yours.

You will find the right solution for any application in the Cambio range. Because we place great value in variability. And we are certain that we have just the right solutions for you too! Your C+P advisor will be glad to provide you with more information and show you the optimum solution for your installation.

The Cambio series from C+P is available…

…in compartment widths of 300 or 400 mm, with one, two, three or four compartments (compartment width 400 mm up to three compartments).

…in different variants with continuous doors and two, three, four, five or six compartments one on top of the other or as
corner locker

...with various front and door options e.g. in steel or stainless steel, in wood decor or real-wood veneer, or even with a customized machined vectogram.

…to be set up in different ways on feet, with base planking panel, pillar feet or mounted on the wall.

… with substructures and corner solutions with bench underneath, with storage box, with corner panel for inside corners, as corner locker for inside or outside corners and double locker for outside corners.

…for special solutions e.g. with doors that close towards each other, with safe, as Z-shaped locker and Z-shaped combination locker or other special applications.

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