Ergonomic and flexible.

The Asisto table range gives you a wide freedom of choice thanks to various options in the height adjustment. And with the practical occasional table, you can upgrade your Asisto to a sit/stand workstation with two work surfaces.

Your choice of the right frame design is just as free: round- or square-tube? Your personal taste is all that matters!

More than just a table.

The Asisto table system has many “intrinsic values” and useful accessories which will help you to master all the tasks of modern office life in a relaxed way. Whether it is the height adjustment, the PC integration, the cable routing or cable provision: with Asisto, you are perfectly equipped for all the challenges that may face your office today and tomorrow. The beauty of it is that you can also retrofit many of the options at a later date.

Square-tube frame 40 x 40 mm:

The square-tube frame offers not only a consistent formal language, but also additional height-adjustment options.

Height scale:

The scale of the Exclusive height adjustment shows you the selected table height between 620 - 850 mm.

Level adjustment:

As a standard feature, all the table frames possess adjusting screws with plastic gliders for simple level adjustment.

Integrable technology box:

The technology box that is integrable in the HPL board safely houses your power and data supply and provides extremely easy and direct access. Flap open – and all the cables and devices are quickly accessible for you. Flap closed – and the table is immediately neat and tidy.

Cable aperture sockets:

The cable aperture sockets may be positioned at any point on the table. They are available as a basic version made of plastic or in a metal design with a brush insert.

Vertical cable routing:

The classic “cable worm” not only brings the cables safely down to the floor, but also cuts a fine figure.

BASIC height adjustment:

This height adjustment is available for round- and square-tube tables as an attractively priced upgrade option. Thanks to the infinitely variable adjustment of the sturdy plastic sleeve, the table height can be adjusted from 680 - 780 mm.

COMFORT height adjustment:

This adjustment on a 10-millimetre grid for square-tube tables is particularly user-friendly and provides the frequently required setting height of 620 - 850 mm.

Light and transparent:

The floating look of the table is one of the outstanding design features of our Asisto tables, and the filigree design is rounded off perfectly by the selected board thicknesses (DCPB 19 mm / HPL 13 mm).esign perfekt abrunden.

It's your choice.

You can find the perfect table and cupboard for every application in the Asisto range. Because we set great store by variability. Do you want to bet that the range also has the perfect choice for you?

Your C+P furniture adviser will be glad to give you more information and to demonstrate the ideal solution for you

Asisto desks from C+P are available…

…with varioustable sizes/widths

from 800 x 800 to 2000 x 800 mm
and from 1600 x 900 to 2000 x 900 mm.

…with various frame shapes and height adjustments

round- or square-tube, with or without a crank.


…with expansion options as

corner connectors, add-on tables, mobile occasional tables and meeting tables.

An ingenieous combination.

You can choose from many attractive colour coatings at C+P as a standard feature. We are also always glad to fulfil all your own particular colour wishes. You can find the entire C+P colour and decor selection and additional information on the topic of colour design in the latest catalogue. Have fun choosing!

Carcass colours:

Apart from the classic carcass colours light grey, white aluminium and black grey,
many other options are also available for Asisto.


Current decors are available for tables, cover plates, cupboard doors and reception counters.

Door/feature colours:

Vivid, attractive shades are suitable particularly as door or feature colours.

Genuine-wood varnishes:

The right choice for representative areas. Many contemporary varnishes are available.

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