Solid, adaptable and attractive.

Top-notch design is crucial - but it isn’t the be all and end all. Virtues such as speed, accuracy, flexibility, load-bearing capacity and resilience are needed in the tough day-today office environment. And Asisto drawer cabinets from C+P have been produced with these qualities in mind.

Want to find what you are looking for quickly? Do you need variable interior fittings? Is convenient operation important to you? And do you need your fittings to retain this convenience for years to come – even with heavy workloads?

Then Asisto drawer cabinets are the right choice for you and there is no need for you to make any compromises because these resilient organisational wizards are the next generation in the slimline, highly elegant line of the full Asisto series. Skilful use is made of a fascinating material: steel.

435 mm deep drawer for filing cabinets:

With covered slide and closed drawer pan.

600 mm deep drawer for filing cabinets:

With optional HD (heavy duty) slide and sturdy hanging frame.

435 mm cabinet depth:

The 435 mm deep cabinets have a decor cover plate and decor fronts, both made from DCPB (directly coated particle board) as standard (steel fronts for no additional charge).

600 mm cabinet depth:

All cabinets with a 600 mm depth are supplied with a steel cover plate and steel fronts as standard (DCPB fronts for no additional charge).

One system - two variants:

All 435 mm deep cabinets can be combined with cabinets of the same depth from the full Asisto range (e.g. cabinets with double doors or sliding doors). They are fitted with decor cover plates and fronts to match. The 600 mm deep cabinets are mostly used alone or in combination with one another and are made from 100% steel.

A real-life solution to a real-life problem.

In the health service, drawer and filing cabinets have their work cut out for them – more so than in any other sector. A wide range of filing systems determine what furniture has to be able to do in this line of work.

A high number of visitors and permanent time constraints mean that the right documents have to be on hand immediately. The furniture used is also an advert for any modern surgery. It should appear attractive and inviting to the visitor. Just like the Asisto drawer cabinets from C+P.

For DIN A4 suspension files:

In two-row version with 3 drawers.
Order no. 146243-312

For A6 landscape index cards:

In four-row version with 8 drawers.
Order no. 146223-824

Central lock, pull-out lock and cover plates:

All Asisto drawer cabinets have a central lock with 2 keys. A pull-out lock prevents several drawers from being opened at the same time. The cover plates are 8 mm thick (steel) or 19 mm thick (DCPB).

It's your choice.

One solution to all requirements? That was once the case. You can find the perfect cabinet for every application in the C 3000 Asisto range. You can bet our range has the right one for you, too.

Your C+P furniture adviser will be glad to give you more information and to demonstrate the ideal solution for you

Asisto drawer cabinets from C+P are available...

… with 3 different front materials

with steel or decor fronts, with real-wood veneer as an option

…with a cabinet depth of 435 mm

in 2 widths: 1200, 800 mm
in 2 heights: 1310, 1010 mm,
with a decor cover plate and decor fronts as standard, with steel fronts and/or steel cover plate as an option

…with a cabinet depth of 600 mm

in 3 widths: 800, 562, 440 mm
in 3 heights: 1310, 1010, 710 mm,
with a steel cover plate and steel fronts as standard, with decor fronts and/or decor cover plate as an option

…with different drawer heights and layouts

for filing cabinets, index cardsand special fittings

…with different interior fittings

for suspension files, patient records, index cards, CDs/DVDs or rolls of microfilm and other special fittings on request

The cabinets can be perfectly combined with other furniture from the Asisto range

An ingenieous combination.

You can choose from many attractive colour coatings at C+P as a standard feature. We are also always glad to fulfil all your own particular colour wishes. You can find the entire C+P colour and decor selection and additional information on the topic of colour design in the latest catalogue. Have fun choosing!

Carcass colours:

Apart from the classic carcass colours light grey, white aluminium and black grey,
many other options are also available for Asisto.


Current decors are available for tables, cover plates, cupboard doors and reception counters.

Door/feature colours:

Vivid, attractive shades are suitable particularly as door or feature colours.

Genuine-wood varnishes:

The right choice for representative areas. Many contemporary varnishes are available.

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