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For bulky or heavy loads

Large storage capacity with boltless shelving

Long shelving units from C + P are suitable for storing bulky, heavy, or voluminous goods and work equipment. As a practical storage area, the long shelving units are mainly used in the workshop or warehouse. They provide a large storage capacity in a limited space.


Product versions

Gestecktes Weitspannregal


Gestecktes Weitspannregal


Both sides can be used

As the long shelving units can be used from both sides, order-picking distances are short, making it much easier to remove storage goods and to put them on the shelf. As every business has its own requirements for a shelf system, the long shelving units are available in various models and sizes. 


  • Large storage capacity in little space
  • Use from both sides for short order-picking distances
  • Various models and sizes possible
  • Rapid plug-in assembly, no screws

Equipment & versions of the C + P long shelving units

To perfectly meet various warehouse requirements, the long shelving units are available in various sizes with different shelf loads and bay loads. As an important safety note, a shelf system must be secured against tipping if the shelf height is more than five times the shelf depth.