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Tool cabinets

Tool cabinets from C + P: safe storage for tools. Various models available.

Storage cabinets

C + P storage cabinets with open-front boxes: Store mounting material & other small parts tidily.

Workshop drawer cabinets

Workshop drawer cabinets from C + P: Store tools and work materials securely.

Cleaning cabinets

C + P cleaning cabinets: Store cleaning agents and equipment safely. Various models available.

Viewing window cabinets

Optimize work processes

C + P viewing window cabinets for warehouse & workshop: Avoid lengthy searches and increase tidiness in the cabinet.

Pesticide storage cabinets

C + P pesticide storage cabinets tested in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (WHG): Safe storage of substances hazardous to waters & small containers.

Heavy-duty cabinets

C + P heavy-duty cabinets are suitable for particularly heavy stored goods and tools

Sports equipment cabinets

C + P sports equipment cabinets: professional storage for balls, ropes, dumbbells, & co. Various modules.

Boltless shelving

For workshop, warehouse, office & more

Boltless shelving from C + P: Organization in workshop, warehouse, office & more.

Long shelving units

Long shelving units from C + P: Storage of bulky, heavy, and voluminous loads


C + P workbenches are used in the workshop and are a classic part of the workshop fittings.