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Slatted walls - the perfect addition for partitioning rooms

Create privacy & add color to the room

More and more companies are optimizing their office spaces. This means fewer individual offices and more modern office spaces with different zones for work, communication, and quiet. C + P slatted walls from the Climate Office range can be used to divide up offices and other spaces into various zones, while also creating privacy.


  • Provide privacy without “shutting in”
  • Can be combined with any other Climate Office elements
  • Add contrast with a variety of colors 
  • Enhance the pleasant atmosphere in the room

Product versions

Mobile Lamellenwand


Enhancing the work atmosphere

The slats made of coated particle board (MCPB) provide privacy without “shutting in.” The employees’ sense of comfort is increased. At the same time, the slatted walls also help to give the room a pleasant atmosphere thanks to their attractive design.


Various decors and colors

Thanks to the large variety of decors and frame colors, visual highlights can also be created. The sleek design of the slatted walls blends in harmoniously in any room. Combined with the mobile hedge elements or water walls, they are an absolute eye-catcher in any kind of room.