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Plant cubes improve acoustics & add greenery

Sound absorber and green plant in one

C + P plant cubes from the Climate Office product range combined with acoustically effective micro-perforations help to improve the indoor acoustics. The attractive green plants also increase levels of comfort in indoor spaces. 


  • Absorber and green plant in one for greater levels of comfort
  • Individual color design possible 
  • Perfect for combination with products from the C + P office range

Produkt versions

Pflanzkubus, quadratisch


Mobiler Pflanzkubus, rechteckig


Reduction in reverberation time

The absorption in the room significantly reduces the reverberation time -the time that a sound takes to become inaudible. Particularly suitable for open-plan or group offices to minimize distracting noise and increase air quality. Our plant cubes also impress with their clever functionality and space-saving properties, as they combine absorber and green plant in just one product.