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Mobile water walls: Air purification and climate control

For a healthy indoor climate

Water walls from C + P increase indoor humidity and create a healthy indoor climate. A thin film of water flows over a vertical glass wall and through gaseous evaporation the water is released into the air. The passive evaporation generates invisible water vapor that is free from harmful germs and bacteria. Water objects can function as air purifiers, filtering and removing suspended matter such as dust and pollen from the air. Grease from food odors and toxins adhering to the dust are also neutralized a particularly positive effect for people with allergies.


  • Cleans the air by filtering and removing suspended matter and other particles
  • Creates a healthy room climate 
  • Flexible partition solution

Product versions

Mobile Wasserwand


Heating indoors = dry air & little humidity

An indoor climate that resembles the Sahara? This is something everyone has experienced: it’s cold outside so the heating comes on indoors. All of a sudden, the room is like a desert. The consequences: Dry air. Indoor air that is too dry has a negative effect on the human body’s mucous membranes. The nose, eyes, mouth, and skin become irritated. A blocked nose, dry mucous membranes, burning eyes, and dry skin may result. Moreover, flu viruses can multiply much faster in dry air.


Prevent dry air & create a good indoor climate

The natural cleaning of the air also results in a pleasant cooling effect. Water elements can be integrated as a refreshment oasis to provide relaxation in office spaces, hotel lobbies, entrance areas, and product halls, for example. As a healthy and acoustically effective partition, a water wall can also be used to divide up work, meeting, and quiet zones. In addition to their attractive appearance, they also impress with their sound absorbing effect.

Biophilic principles of design increase well-being

Based on biophilic principles, natural elements such as water and pleasant lighting in the work environment have a positive effect on the employees. A water wall creates a direct link with nature in the manufactured environment much like a well or a fountain outside. A pleasant atmosphere is created that increases employee vitality and brings harmony to body and mind. At the same time, water objects and plants in rooms help to optimize humidity.

Increase comfort with water walls

With sound-masking, gentle background noises such as pleasant white noise or splashing can be integrated as acoustic elements. This increases the sense of well-being in open spaces verifiably. The natural cooling effect of the water wall is particularly environmentally friendly and efficient.


Mobile water wall from C + P humidifier & flexible space-partitioner

Mobile water walls are particularly suitable for dividing up open spaces into various zones while improving the indoor climate. As a flexible partition solution that creates a direct link to nature, water walls with integrated casters in the base are mainly used in open-plan offices. Work areas and meeting zones can be divided up naturally and the sense of well-being is increased. Thanks to the outstanding flexibility, a water wall can be used as a mobile feature and thus in multiple rooms. A quick relocation is no problem at all! As a humidifier, the indoor water wall provides healthy humidity.