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Mobile hedge elements for a healthy indoor climate

Plant partitions for greening & improving acoustics

C + P hedge elements serve as natural plant partitioning in indoor spaces and provide optimum indoor air quality. As highly efficient air filters, the plant hedges, with a full covering of leaves, can filter formaldehyde, benzene, and other harmful substances out of the air. When combined with an acoustically effective filling, they can also improve the indoor acoustics.

Product services

Mobiles Hecken-Element, hoher Korpus 740 mm


Mobiles Hecken-Element, niedriger Korpus 400 mm



  • Visual shielding provides privacy
  • Cleans the air and creates a healthy room climate
  • Helps to improve acoustics

Multi-functional and flexible

For partitioning open work and meeting areas, a plant hedge does the job of three partitioning elements: stand-up wall, plant, or item of furniture used exclusively for zoning. For this reason, a hedge element is a particularly ecologically and economically efficient investment. Thanks to its mobility, the plant partitions can be used flexibly, in more than one room. The C + P hedge element has greening on both sides as standard. For greening on one side only, the wall on the other side can be used as a pin board or magnetic board.


Sustainable, innovative, & efficient interior greening

Research performed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP has verified the positive effect of plants in the work environment. Employees prefer greenery to classic partitioning and plants have a positive effect on healthy well-being and comfort.  Additional studies also indicate that employees like to have natural elements such as green plants close to their workstation. ¹


C + P hedge elements

  • Both sides planted with Philodendron scandens
  • Plant insert with hydroculture system, stable frame functions as trellis
  • Acoustically effective micro-perforations, optionally with sound absorbing filling 

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