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Green walls for customized planting mobile or wall-mounted

Greening of indoor areas

C + P green walls help to improve the indoor climate and the spatial acoustics of interior rooms, which has a positive effect on people’s well-being. The generously dimensioned wall is fitted with many small plants, the plants increase humidity in indoor spaces while filtering hazardous bacteria or vapors out of the air. Green walls in the mobile model are also perfect for naturally partitioning open-plan offices into work and meeting zones.

Product services

Mobile Pflanzenwand für doppelseitige Bepflanzung


Mobile Pflanzenwand für einseitige Bepflanzung



  • Greater freedom for customized design
  • Can be integrated into a great variety of rooms
  • Integrated irrigation system for plants

Greenery in the work environment promotes health & comfort

Studies have indicated that green areas in the work environment have a positive effect on employees, boosting cognitive skills and creativity and increasing concentration and work productivity. Stress in the workplace is also reduced, health is promoted, and levels of comfort are enhanced. Walls completely covered with plants are also space-saving and cost-effective integrating green walls into office spaces means that no additional pot plants are needed to optimize the indoor climate. Bring a little nature into your interior spaces and discover the positive effects of our green walls!


Green wall bringing vertical gardens into the company

A green wall adds a little nature to the work environment, provides a healthy indoor climate, and increases human comfort. Plants also have a positive effect on the indoor acoustics thanks to their large absorption surface and low reverberation. Green walls also function as a natural climate system they clean the air and simultaneously increase humidity. Unhealthy germs are filtered out of the air.


The positive effects of wall greenery on the human psyche

As the German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) has shown, greenery in work rooms has a positive mental effect on the employees:

  • Performance and concentration are increased
  • Health is promoted
  • Cognitive skills and creativity are increased
  • Stress is reduced in the workplace.¹

Green plants on the wall add nature to the office

People have a strong need to be in harmony with nature. For many years, we were used to working in nature or in the fresh air. Changes to work conditions mean that we now spend our working day in rooms with little connection to the natural environment. Often there is not even a garden nearby.

Green wall as a vertical garden in the office

Based on the principle of “biophilic design,” integrating a green wall into the interior fittings is the perfect way to bring people closer to nature with natural elements and to increase comfort. Empirical studies have shown that plants and water indoors can help to reduce stress.

C + P green walls with your choice of plants

The C + P green walls for individual planting are perfect for anyone wanting to combine different plants in one wall. The advantage: The green wall has a modular wall system with interchangeable plant cartridges. Single- or double-sided, in various heights and widths, the green walls can blend in with any room. The plants are provided with water by the built-in irrigation system that supplies all pot levels.

  • Integrated low-noise water pump
  • Patented multi-level system for holding plant pots
  • Suitable for standard plant pots
  • Our plants are delivered as practical hydroponics cultivation.

Fitting and maintenance of the green walls

Discuss the perfect configuration of C + P plant elements for your specific space and light conditions with your local garden center. The individual plants should also be compatible in terms of how much water they need. Our tip: the following plants are very suitable for the green walls:

  • Spider plant
  • Syngonium pixie
  • Philodendron scandens