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Drying damp work clothes in C + P lockers

How can work clothes dry in time for work the following day?

Intense physical labor and extreme weather throughout the whole year this is part of everyday working life in many industries. Once work is over, the work clothes are damp or wet because of the weather or perspiration. But how can work clothes dry in time for work the next day? As a locker specialist, C + P is involved in the topics of drying and ventilation of work clothes and has developed various ventilation concepts.

Solution for special drying tasks: C + P dryer lockers with FVLD

Special dryer lockers from C + P’s Cambio series are an ideal storage space solution for building yards, road maintenance depots, foundries, heavy industry, construction industry, fire departments, and other areas, where work clothes can become very wet. The dryer integrated into the locker ensures that wet work clothes are dried within max. 10 hours (at 20°C room temperature and 50% humidity). The moisture is not simply distributed throughout the room, but instead condensed and channeled away down the drain. The dryer system integrated into the locker has a data connection and can be remote-controlled as needed.


Where is the dryer system located in the locker?

The dryer system (continuous operation or automatic mode possible) is located in the top cabinet of the first locker compartment and can supply up to 15 compartments in a single row or 2 x 8 compartments back to back.

How are the work clothes dried?

The slanted roof on the adjacent compartments serves as an air circulation duct to feed the dried air into all the compartments in one row of lockers. Each compartment has a poppet valve in the roof of the locker to regulate the air flow rate. Fresh air/warm air is fed into the closed locker circuit and, in turn, extraction of waste air (containing moisture) is ensured. 


  • Maximum drying efficiency with very low energy consumption
  • Power consumption of the dryer: only 550 watts
  • Maximum drying capacity per dryer unit: 30 liters of water per day
  • No separate energy-intensive dryer room necessarynraum nötig

Solution for general drying tasks:

Dryer lockers with FVL for on-site ventilation systems.

C + P dryer lockers with forced ventilation concept (FVL) can be used in all changing rooms where a ventilation system is provided by the customer. Lockers with this type of ventilation are mainly used in industrial plants, in food processing and in service companies. The FVL system is suitable for any locker that has a connection for an existing exhaust air system. In practice, the forced ventilation concept is used with the C + P Evolo, Cambio or Prefino lockers. 

How are the work clothes dried?

A special connection joins the ventilation system and the clothes locker. The waste air is thus extracted from the lockers (up to 12 lockers arranged in a row). This concept supports effective air renewal in the lockers. The room’s air balance remains the same. For ideal ventilation, eight to ten air renewals per hour are recommended. In addition to the general drying tasks, any unpleasant odors are thus also fully removed.



  • Can be used in facilities with existing ventilation system
  • Waste air is extracted from the lockers
  • Effectively supports air renewal in the locker