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C + P color concept — use colors to customize furniture solutions

Color coatings for steel

The C + P color concept uses RAL and RDS color tones, with other tones not included in the concept available on request (with a corresponding surcharge). This means you can configure furniture to match your existing furnishings or coordinate new furnishings to suit their surroundings. In addition to adding a diverse range of color designs to steel furniture, the coatings also protect the steel furniture from corrosion.

Color groups

  • Light gray RAL 7035
  • Black gray RAL 7021
  • Anthracite gray RAL 7016
  • Volcanic gray RDS 000 50 00
  • Gray metallic DB 703 smooth
  • Light blue RAL 5012
  • Distant blue RAL 5023
  • Reseda green RAL 6011
  • Color group I (no surcharge for fronts for body color group 0)


  • Gentian blue RAL 5010
  • Lapis lazuli blue RDS 270 20 29
  • Flame red RAL 3000
  • Ruby red RAL 3003
  • Oyster white RAL 1013
  • Light green RAL 6027
  • Water blue RAL 5021
  • Moss green RAL 6005
  • Pastel yellow RDS 095 90 30
  • Sulfur yellow RDS 095 90 59
  • Sun yellow RDS 080 80 60
  • Yellow orange RAL 2000
  • Pastel green RDS 110 90 20
  • Viridian green RDS 110 80 60
  • Pure white RAL 9010
  • White aluminum RAL 9006
  • Gray aluminum RAL 9007

Decors and real-wood veneers for fronts and top covers

The fronts and top covers, which are available in decor or real-wood veneer, also give you leeway to express your personal creativity. As before, other decors and veneers that are not part of the color concept are available at a surcharge. 



  • White DBS001
  • Light gray DBS 000
  • Silver grey DBS 002
  • Maple DBS 004
  • Beech DBS 005
  • Sen ash DBS 031
  • Oak Sereno DBS 032


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  • White VK 001
  • Light gray VK 000
  • Silver gray VK 002
  • Maple VK 004
  • Beech VK 005
  • Sen ash VK 031
  • Oak Sereno VK 032
  • Oak whitewashed EH 011
  • Cherry EH 009
  • Walnut (American) EH 010
  • Wenge EH 015

Various colors for glass tops and fronts

For furniture items with integrated tops and fronts made of glass, you have a variety of colors to choose from. Customize your furniture exactly to your requirements. 


Glass tops and fronts

  • Clear glass frosted decor 5000-54
  • Clear glass decor 5000-50


  • Traffic white RAL 9016
  • White aluminum RAL 9006
  • Ruby red RAL 3003
  • Anthracite gray RAL 7016
  • Anthracite gray RAL 7021 (black gray)

Important notice regarding the C + P color concept:

  • Within one type of top, all decors can be selected at no surcharge (no difference in price between single color and wood decor)! 
  • Please observe the notes regarding use (e.g. for Evolo doors)!
  • Underframes are supplied in the color black gray as standard.
  • Shelves, hanging frames, etc. are always coated in light gray. 
  • Zinc-plated bottoms are uncoated.
  • All depicted decors, colors, and surfaces are available as standard. Other versions are available on request (e.g. for contract furnishing).
  • For other colors from RAL or RDS (RAL Design System) and “natural steel,” please inquire for the particular quantity you need. 
  • Our color surcharge system only applies to furniture with body and fronts coated in one color.
  • For other variants (e.g. different door colors in one single cabinet), please make an inquiry for your particular property.

Colors may vary slightly; this does not justify a complaint. Liability for printing errors and defects is excluded. These color charts only constitute a reference guide for the approximate shade of color. For more precise color information, refer to the RAL color chart or original samples.