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Speedy changing, as every second counts in an emergency

When the alarm sounds, every second counts. Many dedicated firefighters give their all every day to protect people, animals, and property. This includes voluntary fire departments, professional fire departments, youth fire departments, and plant fire departments. As time is crucial in critical situations, certain areas of the fire stations need to meet stricter requirements than other workplaces.  Special design specifications and guidelines ensure that emergency responses run smoothly and the firefighters are given the best possible protection.


A lack of strict separation calls for modernization of fire stations

Many fire stations need to be modernized. The reason: a lack of strict separation can cause contamination. During an emergency response, the firefighter equipment (PPE, or personal protective equipment) becomes contaminated. Both visible soiling and invisible contamination, not directly recognizable, of the service clothing poses a major risk. Every emergency response entails contamination: Pollutants cling to the skin and to private clothes. In other words, contamination has spread.

Removing lockers from the vehicle hall — strict hygienic separation in the changing room

For this reason, lockers need to be removed from the vehicle hall, as the personal protective equipment is exposed to additional exhaust gases. According to DIN 14092 “Fire stations,” Part 1 “Elements for design,” new firefighter premises must apply strict separation to prevent the spread of contamination from the vehicle hall to the administration wing following emergency responses.

Product versions

Feuerwehrschrank mit Wertfach und Helmhalter


Feuerwehrschrank mit großem Wertfach


Feuerwehrschrank mit kleinem Wertfach


C + P provides firefighter lockers for strict hygienic separation

With its hygienic steel furniture solutions, C + P supplies optimum storage space solutions for the changing rooms of fire departments and other emergency services. The fire department/emergency service lockers are used to store work clothing, personal clothing, and other protective equipment.

Designed in close collaboration with experienced experts, the lockers and changing room lockers provide space to store all personal equipment items and have enough room to store modern protective clothing with depths of up to 600 mm and a height of 2000 mm. In addition to the color fire red, other colors can also be selected.

The advantages of C + P firefighter lockers

  • Good drying of emergency clothing thanks to optimum locker dimensions
  • Side hook rail with three sliding additional hooks, e.g. for safety belt, lifeline, and respiratory protection mask.
  • Helmet holder for safe storage, good ventilation and drying, and simple removal of all standard helmet types
  • Security compartment with inner foam rubber mat to protect the inserted valuables when the door is closed (insert slot above the door).
    Important detail: The security compartment door does not protrude beyond the housing even when open, to prevent obstruction (= safety even in hectic changing situations)
  • Foldable helmet holder (optional) for even better protection of the helmet thanks to curved support and practical folding function for even easier removal
  • Special combination lock with scrambling and master key function for secure locking of valuables and personal belongings

Optimum drying and ventilation

It is important for the changing room to be sufficiently heated and ventilated. This is the only way to allow the protective equipment of the emergency services to dry quickly, and it prevents mold. Helmets need to be stored on corresponding stands/helmet holders or helmet rails on or in the lockers. Rapid drying is ensured — and this also enables the neck guard to remain in good condition.