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Steel changing room lockers from C + P: Work clothes & casual clothes stored safely. Various compartments, versions, and sizes to choose from.

C + P lockers for street and work clothing

C + P lockers for street and work clothing — separate storage of personal clothes and work & protective clothing.

Z lockers

Z lockers from C + P: perfect for rooms with limited floor space. Various models available.

Double-tier lockers

Save space and increase user capacity

Double-tier lockers from C + P: 50% space saving thanks to two stacked compartments. Find out more and configure now!

Assembled box lockers

C + P assembled box lockers and security compartments: Store personal items safely.

Wardrobes with security compartments

Two in one

C + P wardrobes with security compartments: hanging up clothes & storing personal items safely in security compartments.

Security lockers

Small security compartments for temporary use

Security lockers from C + P: Small lockable security compartments for storing personal belongings securely.

Post distribution cabinets

Protected and organized distribution of documents

Post distribution cabinets from C + P: Protected and organized distribution of post and other documents.

Laundry collection and dispensing lockers

Clean storage space solution

C + P laundry dispensing and laundry collecting lockers: provide fresh clothing & collect dirty clothing.

Changing room benches

convenient changing of clothes & shoes

C + P changing room benches: convenient changing of clothes & shoes. Various models for different applications.