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UV-C locker from C + P receives PLUS X AWARD 2021

– Awarded in the categories Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality and Ergonomics –

The PLUS X AWARD is the world's largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. It honors brands for the quality and innovative edge of their products. That's why we can now be pleased that our UV-C Locker has won awards in not just one, but four categories – quality, ease of use, functionality and ergonomics.

In many markets - whether consumer electronics, electrical appliances, plumbing, heating and air conditioning or sporting goods – customers and manufacturers face decisive challenges. The customer finds himself in the apparent luxury situation of being able to choose from an enormous variety of products. But which of the numerous products meets their requirements and is so future-proof and innovative that it will remain up to date for several product generations? Innovative manufacturers also face major challenges: How can I stand out in unmanageable market situations? How can I quickly and easily communicate the benefits of my product that are decisive for the purchase?

Choosing a quality product

PLUS X AWARD can provide an answer to these questions with its seven seals of approval and selected special awards. These signal to customers that they are choosing a quality product and can be used by the award-winning brands for their communication campaigns.

An expert jury, consisting of various representatives from different industries, awards the Innovation Award seals of approval in the categories of innovation, design, high quality, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology. Thus, the PLUS X AWARD seals of approval are not only a benchmark of the best products, but also an unmistakable sign of brand quality.

Independent and specialized jury of experts

The PLUS X AWARD seals of approval are awarded by an independent and specialized jury of experts. The trade editors, designers and industry experts meet several times a year to vote on the best products and technologies in their sectors. Each product is thoroughly examined and tested for its suitability for one or more of the seven Plus X Award seals of approval.

The seven PLUS X AWARD seals of approval in the categories of Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology serve as a guide for customers and retailers when making purchases. The award categories stand for the outstanding and purchase-decisive product features and help to quickly and clearly identify the added value of an award-winning product compared to the competition. The UV-C locker from C + P was awarded in the following categories:


"High Quality" embodies on the one hand the manufacturer's efforts to provide the customer with the best quality. On the other hand, the seal also stands for the durability of a product. The UV-C locker from C + P differs in these respects from mass-produced goods, which are designed only for "quick consumption" and with regard to timely replacement. Thus, the UV-C locker is an investment in the future.


If a product fulfills its function or even a group of functions in a particularly efficient and user-friendly manner, it is awarded the PLUS X AWARD seal of approval for functionality. In addition to its basic function as a locker, the UV-C locker from C + P has an important additional function with its ability to effectively reduce germs. This function works homogeneously with the basic function of the locker and has enormous advantages in use compared to conventional steel lockers.


If you want to get consumers excited about technical innovations and the performance of your products, you have to provide them with well thought-out instructions in addition to convenient operation. The development department, product design and technical communication must work hand in hand to guarantee comprehensive user support at the launch of a new product. Our UV-C locker is easy and intuitive to use, so it really "opens up" its innovations to our customers.


One goal of ergonomics is to produce products that are manageable and comfortable to use. The interface between man and product must be perfectly adapted to its user, so that the user does not suffer any damage and the product can be used optimally. The basic principle here is that the focus is on the human being. A sensor in each compartment of the UV-C locker automatically switches off the UV light that is harmful to the human eye when the steel cabinet is opened. Thus, the user is optimally protected from possible damage.

„We are delighted to receive this award, which shows that the C + P locker with disinfection functionality meets our customers' high safety requirements without demanding additional or even complicated procedures from users," says Andreas Gutermuth, head of product development. "The universal effect and the solid construction guarantee a long-lasting and thus sustainable use of our product."

More info on the UV-C locker can be found here.