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Public awareness of anything to do with the subject of “health, virus protection and sterility” has greatly increased since the COVID-19 outbreak. Appropriate social distancing measures and the introduction of more stringent hygiene rules apply not only to hospitals and medical practices but also to corporations and public facilities.

C + P Furniture Systems, the expert in steel changing room and storage solutions based in Breidenbach, Germany, developed an innovative product that is the perfect answer for today’s concerns. The UV-C locker combines the well-known effects of ultraviolet light with the practical properties of steel.

Air disinfection using ultraviolet light has been used successfully in various areas for around 40 years. Microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts or fungi are killed in seconds by UV radiation. Steel is a very long-lasting, robust material that retains its value well, and its smooth surfaces make it extremely easy to keep hygienically clean.

The C + P UV-C locker provides sufficient space for storing work and personal clothing while simultaneously disinfecting the locker interior and the majority of the clothing surfaces—wherever the radiation reaches—with an efficiency of up to 99% thanks to the integrated germicidal lamps.

Andreas Gutermuth, Head of Development at C + P Furniture Systems explains: “Our new UV-C lockers combine the two tried and tested concepts of UV light and steel. They can be used in any area where clothing has to be kept, strict hygiene guidelines apply, and people need to be protected efficiently from becoming infected with viruses or bacteria, for example in medical practices and hospitals, in the food and cosmetics industries, the hospitality sector, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. They are very convenient to use, making daily working life that little bit easier.”

Further information about the C + P UV-C locker is available here.