Ambient lighting

Fitness for the eye.

Accentuated mood lighting can enable you to create impressions that are unparalleled. Feel free to entrust the entire room lighting to Prefino’s innovative installation sloping roof. It can cope with anything from simple indirect lighting right up to individually controllable RGB lighting that you can use to create any light mood you require. It opens up a whole new dimension of optical room enhancement!

Installation sloping top:

Lots of space for functional ideas – from the laying of necessary ventilation and supply lines through to the complete integration of indirect room lighting.

The RGB (red, green, blue) lighting can be integrated in every sloping roof and the three light colours mixed with the help of a control unit to create any light mood you require. You can even create different light scenarios to match different times of the day, thus ensuring that your changing room has an impressive impact on all your visitors!

Practical tip - professional light planning

Various factors need to be taken into consideration when planning room lighting, together with any statutory requirements, such as minimum lighting intensity. A layout plan is used to incorporate the sources of light.

Ask the experts for advice! C+P offers professional light planning as one of its services.

2-D room planning

Light planning using ISO lines for indicating lighting intensities in Lux at any point of the room

3-D room planning (visualisation of light distribution)