Footballspinde von C+P im Wasserman Footlball Centers der UCLA

C+P designs changing rooms and security compartment areas of UCLA

Lockers and security compartments for the Wasserman Football Center

The newly built Wasserman Football Center of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) gives players and coaches a modern training environment with unrestricted access to the latest football equipment across an area of 7,000 m². For the equipment in the changing rooms and security compartment areas, UCLA decided on high-quality C+P lockers and assembled box lockers from the product series Prefino. The requirement was to develop storage space solutions for various user groups that can be harmoniously incorporated into the design concept of the Wasserman Football Center.

Furniture solutions for players, coaches, and staff

Optimally adjusted to suit the needs of players, the football lockers not only have technical details but also meet the high design standards of the Wasserman Football Center. Thanks to the harmonious design of the changing room, a space has been created for football players that will positively affect their mood, passion to win, and team spirit. In addition to the lockers, the changing area includes a spacious lounge zone that functions as a meeting point for communication and regeneration.

Umkleiden im Wasserman Football Center an der UCLA. Ausgestattet mit individuellen C+P Spinden

Football locker with bench and mirrored sides

Both the body and the underframe of the lockers are made of steel, a long-life material that conserves resources. Designed in accordance with customer requirements, the steel underframes can absorb high dynamic loads. The frame cladding also serves as a comfortable place for the players to sit. The sides, with a large mirrored area, frame the fold-in doors of the football lockers made of white solid surface material that elegantly disappear into the body and provide rapid access to the locker interior. 

Personalized lockers for each player in the football team

Matching the consistent color concept of the rooms, the doors are marked with the individual player numbers in blue and gold. The numbers are attached to the door by means of punched holes and can be changed rapidly as required. Each cabinet also has a plaque personally naming the donors and supporters of the UCLA. Four spacious drawers and one changing room rail per compartment offer sufficient space for clothing and shoes. 

Spielerausrüstung UCLA
Footballspind von C+P mit verspiegelten Seitenflächen & Stauraum für die Spielerausrüstung

Personal security compartments with electronic safety lock

Each player also has access to a high-quality security compartment fitted with an electronic safety lock to store personal items such as smartphone and jewelry. Each compartment has a power supply and is equipped with a USB port. 

Individualisierte Schließfachschränke von C+P für die Footballspieler der UCLA

Player equipment distributed via the assembled box locker

The top-quality high-pressure laminate feed-through security compartments, also with milled numbering, contain the players’ personal equipment. Clean clothing and helmets can be given to the players from the rear side via central doors. The player enters the PIN code via the electronic lock to open the security compartment.

Individualisierte Schliessfachschränke von C+P für das Wasserman Football Center an der UCLA

User-oriented storage space for coaches and staff

The equipment for the changing areas for coaches and staff, like that of the player lockers, is particularly high-quality and perfectly suits the needs of the users. The trainer lockers contain three stainless steel drawers with pull-out, with the top drawer functioning as a security compartment with PIN code lock, power supply and USB port. The staff locker area is fitted with fine HPL material in black. The doors can be opened via PIN code lock and have been given milled numbering. 

C+P Spinde für Coaches der Footballmannschaft der UCLA im Wasserman Football Center