Büro Bosch Eisenach mit CP Wassewänden und Pflanzhecken

BOSCH Eisenach – production-related workplaces with a sense of wellbeing

Design of a healthy & atmospheric working environment

The business unit Powertrain Solutions and the production area Mobility Solutions of Robert Bosch Fahrzeugelektrik Eisenach GmbH is located in Thuringia (Eisenach). In the search of alternative partitions for work spaces, the company visited C+P office world in Breidenbach. The aim of BOSCH was to create a healthy and atmospheric working environment for production-related workplaces.

CP Pflanzhecken und Wasserobjekte als natürliche Trennwandsysteme im BÜro von Bosch Eisenach
CP Wasserwände und Heckenelemente - Biophilic Design am Standort Bosch Eisenach

Greening offices & improving acoustics

Thrilled by the effect of the alternative acoustic and climate elements and philosophy of the C+P office environments, and after visiting C+P Headquarters in Breidenbach, BOSCH decided on water objects and hedge elements with sound-absorbing filling from the ClimateOffice program. Natural plant partitions in indoor spaces not only allow for the zoning of work areas, but also improve the indoor air quality. In the grid dimensions used, a total of approx. 40 m² leaf surface was integrated into the work environment; the large leaf surface has a very positive effect on air filtration. As highly effective air filters, hedge elements completely covered with leaves, can filter formaldehyde, benzene or other harmful substances from the air. In combination with the acoustic core, the room acoustics are also improved.

Mobile Heckenelemente von CP im Büro von Bosch Eisenach
Detailaufnahme Wasserwand und Pflanzhecke von C+P

Hedge elements by C+P: multifunctional & flexible use

In contrast to classic greening elements and fountain builders, the alternative greening and water elements of the C+P ClimateOffice product series also scored highly in terms of design, product variety and various grid dimensions. Also, the flexible and space-spanning use of the mobile hedge elements convinced BOSCH – the invisible casters also allow for quick and easy moving when office structures need to be changed. As a particularly resource-saving and economically efficient investment, a hedge element also replaces three partition elements: Plant, partition or furniture, which is exclusively used for zoning. 

Detailaufnahme CP Pflanzhecken und Wasserobjekte

Biophilic design in the office – positive feedback from employees

The natural green walls and water elements were well received by the BOSCH employees at the Eisenach site. The surface serves as a model surface – in future also other areas at the Eisenach site will be furnished with plant and water objects.

CP Pflanzhecken zonieren Großraumbüro von Bosch Eisenach