Aussengebäude der Alte Leipziger Versicherung in Oberursel

Alte Leipziger Insurance – Holistic office furniture

Pleasant acoustic thanks to steel office furniture & plant walls

The ClimateOffice project continues to thrive – C+P has furnished the office workstations of Alte Leipziger Insurance in Oberursel in Hesse. PFERSICH project management was hired for the office planning by Alte Leipziger Insurance. The first two construction phases have already been implemented and employees have been able to move into the new offices. In addition to wanting a friendly feel-good atmosphere through greening, improving the acoustics in the office was just as important to Alte Leipziger Insurance. The focus was on designing an open office structure with various areas of retreat and green elements in line with the feel-good office philosophy of C+P. The external perception of the steel furniture manufacturer is receiving a new face and is becoming increasingly attractive for end customers and planners when it comes to holistic planning.

Schrank- und Grünpflanzensysteme als Raumtrenner

Industrial manufacture of all products from one cast

After visiting C+P office world in Breidenbach, the choice fell on the new ClimateOffice product range in the form of room-structuring green partitioning systems, which include acoustically effective absorbers, as well as the office cabinets from the Asisto product range. The classic design and industrial manufacture of all products from one cast, complemented with wooden lamellae partitioning, convinced Alte Leipziger Insurance. In contrast to market companions, C+P offers a holistic furnishing concept in high product quality and is therefore able to cover a particularly wide range. The modular system of the mobile plant hedges in various spacing allows for the optimal connection to the office cabinets with a height of 5 binder heights. This way the furniture and plant hedges fit harmoniously into the office concept.

Steel cabinets and plant hedges: Absorbers in the workplace

Both the housing of the plant hedges and the office cabinets are made from resource-saving steel. Not only is it 100% recyclable, the green material (with the right acoustics equipment) also scores points as a sound absorber. The filing cabinets and drawer cabinets from the C+P Asisto product series also have a micro-perforation which generates an acoustically effective performance. Therefore, they not only offer storage space directly in the area near the workstation, but also serve as sound absorption. Combined with the plant hedges with acoustically effective filling, a perfectly coordinated broadband absorber is created at the workplace. The indoor acoustics are improved and at the same time the work areas can be partitioned into modern work worlds – without disturbing the open atmosphere. Thus, an ideal relationship between sound absorption and reduction of the speech intelligibility finds its way into the open office structure of Alte Leipziger Insurance. This improves theability to concentrate at the workplace in a natural way.

Improvement of the indoor air quality & increasing the well-being factor

Natural elements in rooms exude a special well-being factor, increase productivity at the workplace and concentration of employees and promote good health. These factors also played a decisive role for the choice of the mobile plant hedges which were developed according to the principles of biophilic design. The large leaf areas of the plant hedges have a positive effect on air filtration. Acting as a highly effective air filter, the hedge elements fully covered with leaves, can filter formaldehyde, benzene or other harmful substances from the air. In conjunction with the acoustic core, the indoor acoustics are improved. In addition, they exude a sense of comfort. 

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