C+P Wasser- und Klimawände für angenehmes Raumklima

Water wall – cooling and dehumidification of indoor air

Improving indoor climate & promoting health with water

Our water wall is a functional air humidifier and creates a healthy and pleasant indoor climate in interiors. Water is passively released by gaseous evaporation into the indoor air; the passive evaporation generates an invisible water vapor which is free from harmful germs and bacteria. As air washers, water objects remove suspended particles such as dust, pollen or other particles from the air; fats from food odors and toxins adhering to the dust are also neutralized – a very positive effect for allergy sufferers. As the current health report by the Deutsche Angestellte Krankenkasse shows, respiratory illnesses are counted among the most frequent reasons for employee sick leave. Rooms in which the air is too dry have a negative impact on human mucous membranes, causing irritation of the nose, mouth, eyes, and skin. In addition, flu viruses multiply much faster in dry air especially during the cold season. 1

What's more, water elements in the work environment promote employee wellbeing; a connection is created with nature, which balances body and mind. Zones with recreational value can be created by water walls, for example, in office landscapes, entrance areas, or production halls; the water film flowing over the vertical surface radiates vitality and freshness and has a calming effect. Undesirable splashing is prevented by the smooth water film. Especially in the work environment, glass water walls offer as space-partitioning healthy and visually appealing attractive privacy shielding which ensures sufficient light permeability through its transparency.

Innovative water walls: the natural cooling systems

Integrated cooling ensures that indoor air is not only dehumidified but also cooled at the same time. Water walls provide for a pleasant, cool room temperature especially in the summer. Radiation cooling and air conditioning can be controlled by the water film temperature of the water climate wall. Unlike conventional air conditioners, climate walls do not cause any noise pollution or unpleasant air drafts. Soft background sounds such as rustling or babbling can be integrated as an acoustic element through sound masking, demonstrably enhancing comfort in open space offices.

What's more, energy costs can be reduced compared to conventional air conditioning, as proven in a scientific study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. Natural cooling by the water wall, therefore, is regarded as being very environmental friendly and efficient.3

1 DAK Gesundheitsreport 2016
2 Klaffke, M. (2016), Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft, Gestaltungsansätze und Good-Practice-Beispiele