C+P gestaltet kreativitätsfördernde Arbeitsplätze

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Creativity and work – the workplace as a hub of innovation?

Creative environments where ideas can grow

When do the best ideas occur to you? Probably during moments of relaxation. But how can these moments be integrated in everyday work? How can creativity-inspiring workplaces where employees feel comfortable be configured? We have put together a few solutions.

Configuring flexible workplaces

Mainly driven by the changing world of work, more and more companies count on flexible work environments. Modern office concepts include open areas for communication, zones for concentrated and creative work as well as quiet zones for relaxation, thus enabling different departments to collaborate flexibly. The most important goal: to increase employee creativity.

Self-determined workplace promotes creativity

According to company representatives, creativity is best promoted when employees decide themselves where they would like to perform their current task. Digitalization and technical progress enable work to be performed outside the traditional office – either at a home office or on the go. Especially generation Y wants this flexibility at work.

Offices - space for living and working

Spatial elements ensure that people feel comfortable and can work in a motivated and healthy manner, thus increasing creativity. The work environment should form a creative unit – which can be implemented using matching color and material design. Different special elements such as the ceiling, furnishing, walls, floor covering, and accessories should be considered as an ensemble – in order to create a harmonious spatial concept.

Acoustics, climate, lighting, and wiring

Apart from spatial elements, acoustics, climate, lighting as well as wiring of technical components play an important role in an office. If possible, the rooms should be quick and easy to modify depending on user requirements. Natural elements in rooms such as water or plants increase the comfort in the room and have a positive impact on wellbeing. An outdoor view helps to maintain a link to the world outside – at the same time, closeness to nature can also serve as a source of inspiration for new ideas.2     

Technical solutions in the background

The demands put on modern workplaces are challenging: they have to meet the highest technical standards and cater to design and taste preferences at the same time. Clever technical implementation is achieved using high-tech office furniture whose simple design allows harmonious integration in a neutral spatial concept. This allows an optimum interplay of appealing looks and cutting-edge technology integration. 

Einrichtungslösungen von C+P für kreative Denker

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Co-working spaces – meeting point for creative thinkers

Progress is not made in a gray, standardized work environment – the future can only be shaped where creative people feel comfortable and valued. Co-working spaces adapt to workflows, while rigid workplaces do not provide much scope for new ideas and approaches. Communication with other creative thinkers promotes creativity at the same time. These productive spaces can be rented very easily. As a modern work environment designer, "Design Offices" has, for example, made a name for itself with its co-working concept. The flexible spaces which are tailored to different requirements provide an inspiring work atmosphere especially for freelancers and project workers.3    

Differentiated workplace configuration

Workplace configuration for the purpose of promoting health and creativity in the company is a very complex endeavor since every employee must be considered as an individual. Workplaces should not be furnished haphazardly. On the contrary, it is necessary to consider not only the employees' respective jobs but also their individual requirements. Sustainable workplace configuration that promotes health and creativity is therefore an important investment for the future.4

Tips on workplace configuration

No haphazard solutions:

Consider not only the respective tasks but also individual requirements and needs.

Avoid monotony:

Good ideas usually develop quite unexpectedly and after a change of scene. Therefore it makes sense to configure different zones with various functions. 

Ensure privacy:

Employees should be able to configure their workplace freely, if possible. Stand-up walls or workstation dividers provide possibilities for retreat in group or open-plan offices.

Ensure wellbeing:

Create a pleasant work atmosphere in which employees feel comfortable.

Promote health:

Configure and furnish workplaces according to ergonomic quality guidelines.5

Technical equipment:

Office furniture with technology integration.



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