C+P Klimawand - Alternative Klimatisierung

Climate wall – saves energy & improves indoor air

Sustainable room dehumidification & cooling

Our climate wall cools and dehumidifies interiors in a pleasant manner: the combination of good indoor air quality and pleasant climate control has a positive impact on human health and wellbeing and boosts their performance. Natural cooling also reduces energy requirements and costs very efficiently, which emphasizes its economy, conservation of resources, and environmental friendliness. Scientific studies conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics have proven that our patented climate wall saves energy compared to conventional air conditioning.
Indoor acoustics are also improved by climate water walls. As a natural element, water functions as natural sound masking in offices and counteracts disturbing noise with neutral sounds. Ambient noises in the workplace are reduced, and speech intelligibility, i.e. the audibility of sounds or conversations, is increased. Employee concentration can also be increased in this manner.

Intelligent climate control creates a healthy indoor climate

In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, we developed, with our C+P climate wall, an environmental friendly, efficient, and sustainable climate system to create an ideal feel-good climate in rooms and to reduce environmental impacts.
As a natural energy carrier, cooled water flows in a thin film over the vertical glass wall. The water temperature is much lower that the dew point of the indoor air, resulting in effective surface cooling without any unpleasant drafts. The low water temperature of the climate wall causes humid indoor air to condense on the water film. Air impurities such as dust or pollen are removed; in addition, fats and toxins adhering to the dust are neutralized. A very positive health effect for allergy sufferers. The risk of mold formation is completely eliminated, for the condensate drains off with the water.1

Research conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute has shown that the ideal human comfort zone is reached at a temperature of approx. 22° and a relative humidity of 40 – 45%. With our climate water wall, you can create a pleasant atmosphere in offices, reception areas, hotel lobbies, production halls, or other interiors, and also create a connection with nature, which brings the human body and mind into balance.

Integration of climate walls in interiors

Using appropriate control technology, climate walls can be integrated in the building's water supply and disposal system in order to enable automatic water change as part of water hygiene management. Different glass surfaces allow variation of the C+P climate wall. Depending on the
model, it is possible to integrate screens with appropriate media technology in the C+P climate wall, which is very effective in reception or training areas. Colored LEDs can also be installed as lighting to create a positive mood in the room atmosphere.

Zusammenspiel aus Empfangstheke und C+P Klimawand