CP Furniture wins third award in a row

For the third year in succession, the German manufacturer received the Product Design Award at the WORKSPACE-trade show in Dubai. Following the previous success of the CP climate wall and the product duo SmartTable/SmartWall, the prize was awarded this time to a complete system solution: the SonicWall system for climate control, humidification and dehumidification as well as interior greening.

The core of the new system is a climate wall based on a Fraunhofer patent and developed by CP, which enables absolutely novel, clean, energy-saving and healthy room cooling. It eliminates or compensates all of the disadvantages of conventional air conditioning systems. The chilled water film "disposes of" minor air pollutants such as dust or pollen, which is a relief for allergy sufferers!

This concept has been decisively expanded. For now it includes not only the climate walls but also other elements. Water walls do not require a water connection or drain for operation in the mobile version. Just like the climate walls (which have a cooling and dehumidifying effect in summer), the water wall is truly eye-catching and enhances the room by virtue of its design and the way it operates. The climate and water walls are extremely beneficial even if cooling is not required, for the pleasant humidification helps to maintain employee health. Another addition includes greened walls, on which real and easy-care plants grow. The planting also has a positive impact on the indoor climate and is even acoustically effective. All three elements (climate, water and greened wall) represent a system solution which can be integrated in a partition and implemented as a free-standing or even mobile version.

That also convinced the jury, which selected CP as the winner of the category "Screens, partitions & movable walls“. The complete system will soon be on display also in the new CP office world showroom at the Breidenbach location.

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