Your advantage: logistics service made to order.

Using this overview, you can choose the right service for you.
For you, that means: planning reliability and service transparency from placing the order through to delivery!If you do not specify any special wishes with the order, the standard conditions of delivery will apply.

 Definition of serviceService scopePrice € (net plus VAT)Prerequisites/examples
Standard conditions of deliveryDELIVERY TO GROUND FLOOR; behind 1st lockable building doorTravel, unloading and transport to behind the 1st lockable building door on the ground floorPlease request a quoteUnloading point accessible with large HGV (e.g. semi-trailer, 18 m). Parking possibility in the immediate vicinity.
Service package ATransport to the application area, excluding assemblyTransport in the building from the 1st lockable building door to the application area, excluding set-up, excluding assemblyPlease request a quoteAs standard package, plus the application area must be accessible for two fitters in a normal way (filled-out description of transport route necessary!)
Service package BTransport to application area and assembly ready to useAs package A, plus ready-to-use assembly incl. set-up if necessary (e.g. for bookcases) and alignmentPlease request a quoteAs package A
One-off travel feeSeparate trip without furniture deliveryTravel to implement service tasks, assemblies, etc.Please request a quoteAs standard conditions of delivery
NotificationNotification of delivery by faxNotification of the delivery approx. 1-3 days before the planned delivery date by fax*Free of charge, if requiredSpecification of fax no. of authorized dealer or of the end customer
Schedule typesApprox. delivery weekExpected delivery date within one calendar week*Standard“Delivery approx. cal. week 41”
 Fixed delivery weekBinding delivery date within one calendar week*Please request a quote“Delivery cal. week 41, fixed” – additional arrangement required!
 From-to appointmentBinding delivery date within a desired period of at least three days*Please request a quote“Delivery from 12/1 to 12/3” Period of at least 3 days – additional arrangement required!
 Not earlier” appointmentBinding delivery date from a desired delivery date onwards*Please request a quote“Delivery as from 12/1, not before”, additional arrangement required!
 “Not later” appointmentBinding delivery date up to a desired delivery date*Please request a quote“Delivery up to 12/1, not later”, additional arrangement required!
 Fixed-date appointmentBinding delivery on a desired delivery date*Please request a quote“Delivery FIXED on 12/1” – additional arrangement required!
ReturnsReturn of goods (costs generally incurred)Return of already delivered/produced goods due to an incorrect order, customer error, etc.Please request a quoteFlawless and brand-new condition ex works. Special productions, colors, etc. may not be returned

Postponements, modifications

Postponements, modifications|Due to our individual, commissioned production, changes to the order or the schedule can only be taken into account after the order is successfully placed if this is technically possible in terms of the production. In any case, a cost participation must be charged with the amount depending on the actually incurred costs.


* For all schedule types, the minimum delivery time applicable on the day of placement of the order must be taken into account.