C+P Logistics LKW unterwegs

C+P offers a wide range of products made on commission.

The C+P logistics concept with computer-aided tour management guarantees that your valuable furniture will reach you in perfect condition. Because we want you to be absolutely delighted not only with our furniture, but also with our service.


C+P constantly invests in customer-friendly services in order to extend its market leadership in terms of logistics even further in the future.

The C+ P Tracking-System

The C+P Tracking System is unique in the industry:

Thanks to GPS, all trucks are constantly connected to the C+P computer center. Their tour progress and deliveries are communicated online in real time. The specialist dealers can access the current order status at any time on the C+P website. On request, we can also provide automatic notifications by e-mail as soon as an order has been delivered. And if, against all expectations, an order is not delivered successfully (e.g. because a customer was not present), all the necessary information is forwarded that very minute so that we can quickly react accordingly.

As you can see, C+P is the perfect partner for you in every area.

What is different about C+P?

  • Our HGV fleet delivers directly to the desired unloading point without any reloading.

  • Trained loaders, drivers and fitters know “their” products and treat them carefully.

  • You can rely on a punctual and professional delivery – so you can save time, money and your nerves.