Company profile

Our Philosophy: Furniture for people.

Our mission statement „Furniture for People“ is a promise. 

People first, products second. 

We are curious to discover more about people, their goals and wishes, their responsibilities and duties. We are inspired by the diversity we encounter and we explore how we can help people in as many different parts of their lives as possible. Our mission is defined by the answers we receive. They are our inspiration for a whole host of new ideas that enable up to help people in their work.

This fundamental principle is just as central to our dealings with each other in the company. 

Together, we are successful because we help each other. Together with our partners, we embrace new challenges.

C+P in Figures:

Founded in1925
Employees at C+P Furnitureapprox. 750
Production sitesBreidenbach (Hesse)
Gotha (Thuringia)
Legnica (Poland)
Production capacityApprox. 100 truck loads leave the C+P plants every week
Material volumeThe C+P plants process approx. 1,500 tons of steel every month
OrdersC+P handles approx. 120,000 orders everyyear – from individual items through to complete furnishings for major projects
Special featureSpecialist and market leader in steel furniture

Breidenbach (Hesse)

Gotha (Thuringia)

Legnica (Poland)

Solutions with quality and service

C+P is one of Europe´s leading furniture manufacturers.

Thanks to continuous innovative development, consistent investments and market-oriented products, C+P stands for quality and expertise. Our customers know that they are in good hands and can always rely on the very best solutions!

Many of our products have been tested by the Thuringia TÜV office (Technical Inspection Agency). We will be glad to send you copies of the relevant certificates if required.

C+P. At home in all fields.

Our wide product range, which is constantly being updated, offers customer-oriented solutions for almost every application area and every budget.

From the staff workstation through to the management level. From the office or archive to the storage room and workshop and even through to Locker rooms, changing rooms, and fitness and wellness areas.

C+P furniture is perfectly at home in

  • Industry, trade, and commerce,
  • Retailers, service providers and freelancers,
  • Public administration and authorities,
  • Childcare facilities, schools, and universities,
  • Water parks, sports centers, and clubs,
  • Clinics, doctor‘s offices, and hospitals,
  • Fitness, rehabilitation and prevention,
  • Pharmaceutical, chemical and medical,

and in many other areas, where it is crucial to make people’s work easier.

Furniture for people. Made of steel – naturally!

No other material has as many positive properties as steel. At C+P, we exploit every one of those properties and use steel whenever design, stability and long-term value are required. We also like to combine it with other materials, because a “steel backbone” provides the ideal basis for such blends.

We have several decades’ experience in furnishing with steel. Make the most of that competitive edge!! 

Steel – a green material

Steel recycling plays an important part in relieving the burden on resources, because it can always be melted down again without any loss of quality. In Germany, almost a half of the steel is produced from this “secondary raw material”. That cuts down the energy needs in production – and so also considerably reduces the CO2 emissions. And, to stay on this topic a moment longer: there is lower energy consumption and lower emissions during transportation because steel furniture is lighter than furniture made of wood. Steel represents an ideal combination of ecology, stability and design.

Arguments for steel

  • Steel permits top-class design solutions
  • Steel is robust and durable
  • Steel is versatile
  • Steel opens up endless colour options
  • Steel is easy to care for and hygienic
  • Steel lends it self perfectly for combinationwith other materials
  • Steel furniture provides practical fire protection
  • Steel furniture is long-lasting and built to survive any number of office moves

Play it safe: When opting for steel furniture go for the market leader and make C+P your first choice!

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The “elasticity module” defines the ratio of the force required to cause a distortion and the distortion it causes. In other words: how much force must I apply to stretch a material? The diagram shows that steel is unbeatable as a material in terms of stability and elasticity.

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The stress strain graph illustrates how easily a material can be distorted and when the material will fail, i.e. break. You can see that, in comparison to wood, steel is very difficult to distort. It can withst and extremely strong forces and also offers a wider safety margin in the critical range, thanks to its plastic properties.

You can find more fascinating facts on the website of the Steel Information Centre: