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C + P FURNISHING business unit

The C + P code of conduct is based on internationally recognized standards for sustainable economic activity.

This includes the Global Compact of the United Nations, the conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UN’s Conventions on the Rights of the Child, the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights, and the social standard SA8000.

As part of the company’s internal risk management and by signing this code of conduct, C + P company management obliges itself and all C + P employees at all company levels of the C + P FURNISHING business unit (“C + P”) to observe the principles of action and conduct described below in order to ensure compliance in all activities.

Consistent application across all companies of the C + P FURNISHING business unit is ensured through the responsibility and the authority to lay down guidelines, allocated across companies, of the managing director of C + P GmbH & Co. KG (intermediate holding company C + P FURNISHING business unit) and of the division leaders of the functional divisions employed in this corporation. At the time of the C + P code of conduct being formulated, the following functional divisions fully cover all business processes: Development, Purchasing, Production, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, Data Processing and Organization, HR, Finance and Accounting.
The standards listed below should therefore serve as a guideline for all employees and must be consistently complied with. 

By communicating this guideline to our business partners, we are ensuring that the implementation of this Code of Conduct is also enforced in our supply chain.

All applicable laws and regulations and all other relevant legislation of the particular applicable legal systems at national and international levels must be observed.


Any discrimination in the recruitment, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination of employment or retirement on the basis of gender, age, religion, race, caste, birth, social background, disability, ethnic or national origin, nationality, membership in workers’ organizations, including trade unions, political membership or opinion, sexual orientation, family commitments, marital status or any other status is prohibited.


Any form of forced labor is prohibited. This expressly includes prison labor. The company must treat its employees with dignity and respect at all times and will protect them from all forms of psychological and physical coercion. An employee’s personal freedom of movement must not be restricted by any provision. The employees are free to decide to leave the company with appropriate notice in accordance with applicable law. The employer must not demand any depositing of money or identification papers from the employees.


All employees have the right to form trade unions of their choice, to join them, and to organize them, and to collectively negotiate with the company in their name, insofar as the law permit this. In cases where national standards restrict this right, we permit employees to join together freely and independently for the purpose of conducting negotiations.


Child labor is prohibited by the conventions of the ILO and the United Nations. The minimum age for admission to employment is 15 years and must not be lower than the minimum school-leaving age. Young employees require special protection. All working time regulations aimed at protecting young employees must be observed. Furthermore, young employees must not under any circumstances work more than eight hours in one day or in a night shift.


All employees must receive an appropriate wage. The wage paid must at least be sufficient to cover the employee’s basic needs in the case of full-time employment. Legally application minimum wages are observed.


The maximum permitted weekly working hours apply in accordance with national legislation.


C + P takes responsibility for a safe and healthy work environment. Suitable preventive measures must be taken to prevent potential accidents and harm to health, e.g. setting up work safety management in accordance with OHSAS 18001. The same minimum requirements apply for employee accommodation. Regulations and procedures must be defined clearly and observed at all times. All employees must be informed regularly and trained with regard to the measures. The training activities are documented.


All national environmental protection standards must be met. Additionally, we make all reasonable efforts to adhere to the internationally recognized environmental protection standards. Our goal is to minimize both environmental pollution and consumption of natural resources, as well as to improve energy efficiency on the whole.
Energy-efficient operation and avoidance of unnecessary energy consumption must be ensured at our locations and on our customers’ premises by all employees and by suppliers and service providers that we engage. This includes, for example, closing open doors and windows in buildings when outdoor temperatures are low, or switching energy consumers off when leaving the workplace. This principle of energy efficiency applies on the entire company premises and associated properties, as well as at all construction and installation sites that are set up on behalf of C + P.

All forms or corruption and bribery are prohibited. We do not tolerate them in any form and have set up corresponding systems to combat them. The guidelines of Transparency International and the OECD serve as a guideline for action. The company management, which is supervised by a supervisory board made up of persons with no close links to the company, has fundamentally detailed knowledge of the conclusion of substantial individual contracts and the background to this, because of its flat hierarchies. Corruption and antitrust law risks are thus generally minimized. Additionally, the application of the principle of dual approval and, for random samples, triple approval, prevents illegal action at all levels.


We act fairly in competition and observe the applicable antitrust laws. The legal obligations regarding the prevention of money laundering are observed.


The provisions of this code of conduct or applicable law must not be circumvented through the use of temporary work, through fake training programs, through awarding subcontractors, working from home, or the like.


C + P establishes a procedure in its production facilities to enable employees to make anonymous complaints. There will be no reprisals for employees, who draw attention to breaches of legal requirements or the provisions of this code of conduct. The employees must not be prevented from providing such notifications.


C + P has internal policies and systems for implementing the requirements arising from this Code of Conduct. We have an environmental management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 et seq., an energy management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 et seq., and a quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 et seq.

Breidenbach, 1/20/2020
C + P GmbH & Co. KG


  • United Nations Global Compact
    Protect human rights, end discrimination, abolish child labor and forced labor, use environmentally friendly technologies and stop corruption of all kinds.
  • Transparency International
    Integrity, responsibility, transparency, and participation in civil society. Against corruption, as abuse of entrusted power for private use or advantage.
  • OECD
    For economic and social welfare. Penal sanctions against the bribery of foreign officials (including members of parliament).
  • International Labor Organization (ILO)
    Humane working conditions for all women and men, no child labor, improvement of social protection and strengthening of the dialog concerning work-related topics.
  • OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Standard
    Internationally recognized management system for work health and safety.