A sit/stand dynamic for everyone.

Sitting and standing. Promoting movement. Staying healthy. Acting and communicating flexibly. Meeting changing re­-
quirements. Supporting your work flow. Individual or team office, executive office or conference room: Workflow from C+P has an attractive, dynamic, and functional solution for every task.


The classic Workflow with dual surface design: Standing table, PC workstation, and meeting point in one.

Workflow moves people.

There are plenty of sit/stand tables out there. However, most of them only allow the height of the entire work surface to be adjusted. But who will do that 3-4 times
per hour, as ergonomic specialists recommend?

Thanks to the dual surface design of Workflow, it is possible to “stand up and stretch your legs regularly” without constantly having to raise and lower the table. And the standing table is also an excellent platform for efficient, brief meetings. So ergonomics is not something you simply see in a brochure - you can live it in your daily office life.

Workdesk and Worklift:
Thanks to this dual surface design, a healthy amount movement is no longer just theory - you can practice it in your office!

The Workdesk is height-adjustable from 680 to 790 mm and forms the basis for document-oriented work when sitting down.

The Worklift can be adjusted from sitting to standing height and allows you to quickly alternate between Workdesk and Worklift without having to move the table up or down each time.

Cable trough:
The cable trough offers space for supply lines, connecting cables, data cables, power packs, and multiple sockets.

Manual operation:
The gas lift column is fast, quiet, and easy to operate manually.

The height of the Workdesk can be adjusted quickly and easily at the T-foot frame ...

... and at the rocker connected to the Worklift. Integrated scales make adjustment easier.

Cable aperture:
The Workflow cable flap continues the dynamic design of the table and keeps the table neat and tidy.

Workflow lends the visitor reception area a classy and elegant appearance.

Attractive. Elegant. Workflow.

Reception concepts in representative areas can be very effective – but also a bit tricky. For as the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
Workflow is also a perfect solution for management employees. Both ergonomic and attractive, Workflow is a symbiosis of design and function.


The modesty panel made of satin-finish acrylic glass. Light
and elegant, it provides the desired cover.

T-foot, white aluminum:
Workflow table frames are coated in RAL 9006 white aluminum.

T-foot, chrome:
The elegant, chrome-plated version is also available on request.

Workflow desks are an unusual eye-catcher – perhaps for your office, too. Apart from its many functional and design qualities, the range has one other essential
characteristic: anyone who has every worked on a Workflow will never want to use another desk.

Real wood top:
For management areas, real wood veneer on a beveled multiplex carrier plate is an ideal choice.

Ergonomics and function at the top level.

Challenging management tasks call for dynamic furnishing. For furniture that is marked by individuality and character, that stands out from the bulk of interchangeable products – and that integrates functions elegantly. Workflow has the best ratings in all these disciplines.

In Workflow, presentation and functionality go hand in hand. With the desk, we have thought of everything – from the sit/stand philosophy through to the cable management. The elegant sideboard solutions complete the picture.
Anyone working here will convey a sense of calm serenity and self-confidence: this is where the real decisions are made – starting with the furniture.

Cable flap on the Worklift:

The Workflow cable flap maintains the dynamic design of the desk, helps to keep the work surface tidy and is quick and easy to operate.

Cable trough on the Worklift:

The cable trough offers plenty of room for a convenient power supply. It can be
connected and opened quickly and flexibly.

Achieving more together.

Greeting and welcoming guests, or discussing brief points as you stand – the reception point for visitors is ideal for efficient, spontaneous communications while
you are standing and can even be easily retrofitted to every Workdesk.

Just as smart are the many different solutions for configuring the desks (e.g., as a corner combination) and for integrating the latest office technology within perfect
reach. Workflow is therefore superbly suited to modern group offices where all the various forms of team and project work are on the agenda. Because creative
furnishing solutions inspire creative thinkers!

Duo visitor counter:
With rectangular top, rounded corners. For fastening to the side of two Workdesks or Solodesks.

Swivel footrest:

Provides support for the back when working standing up: the Worklift footrest can be swivelled by 180°.

Within reach:
The height-adjustable equipment shelf on the Workdesk, for example for a printer or fax.

Concentrating and communicating.

Short-term projects, evolving teams, rapidly changing needs for concentrating or communicating – all of these factors are becoming more and more characteristic of
modern office life.

With Workflow, you are well equipped for the demands of the future. While the Workflow equipment wall integrates everything from the power and data supply to the necessary organisational aids, the Workflow Solodesks act as
flexible platforms. In this way, the range opens up new dimensions of flexibility and efficiency for project work.

Apart from the actual workstation, temporary discussion zones are becoming more important than ever. They can be created in the twinkling of an eye with the mobile Solodesks or with the mobile Workflow meeting tables.

Here, again, the sit/stand concept that encourages health and movement is fully maintained. Simple is often brilliant.


The filigree T-frame is adjustable from 680 to 820 mm in 10-mm steps.

A-frame, casters on one side:

For quickly moving the desk by simply raising it.

A-frame, without casters:

The design alternative to the T-frame variant.

A-frame, casters on both sides:

Full mobility and extremely simple handling thanks to four lockable casters.

Perfectly organized.

Anyone who has to reposition furniture frequently does not want to have to tackle all the cable and technology installations every time. There must be any easier way!

The Workflow equipment and organisation walls offer the perfect solution: a complete power and data supply, a monitor holder and keyboard tray, a pen tray and binder holder – all in and on the wall. The desktop remains free
for the important things.

As the wall and desk are independent of each other, the height of the desk frames, for instance, can be set individually for each employee. This is flexible and, above all, future-proof office furniture.

Another valuable benefit of the Workflow wall systems is their function as space dividers, for defining pathways and creating space zones. Thanks to their ease of mobility, you can react quickly to changed situations once again

With the various materials – from acrylic glass to foam glass – it is even possible to satisfy demanding needs in terms of visual and acoustic screening.

Monitor holder:

In various models, for TFT monitors with VESA standard.


Power and data flow always in the right place.

Keyboard tray:

Keeps the valuable desktop free when the PC is not in use.

It’s your choice.

The Workflow range offers the right workstation for every application. Because we set great store by variability. You can bet our range has the right one for you, too.

Your C+P furniture adviser will be glad to give you more information and to demonstrate the ideal solution for you.

Workdesk/Worklift desk combinations

Top shapes and sizes

Workdesk/Solodesk frames

Designs a, b and c for Workdesk; a, b, c, d, and e for Solodesk

Workstation variants with Solodesk and wall system

Height-adjustable occasional tables

Mobile occasional furniture

An ingenious combination.

You can choose from many attractive colour coatings at C+P as a standard feature. We are also always glad to fulfil all your own particular colour wishes. You can find the entire C+P colour and decor selection and additional
information on the topic of colour design in the latest catalogue. Have fun choosing!


Many contemporary decors are available for the tabletops and cover plates.

Real-wood veneers:

The right choice for representative areas. Many contemporary veneers are available.

Frame colours:

The Workflow desk frames are available in RAL 9006 white aluminium. We can also supply the chrome-plated model on request.

DCPB tabletop:

Standard table, 25 mm thick as a directly coated particle board with a wood or solid decor and edge band.

HPL tabletop:

HPL (high pressure laminate) board, 13 mm thick, rounded off downwards.

Alu-Compact tabletop:

HPL (high pressure laminate) board, 13 mm thick, with aluminium inlay for high durability and a refined look.

Tabletop in genuine wood:

Multiplex carrier plate, 25 mm thick, with real-wood veneer and slanted edge.

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