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Excellent acoustics: A complex task.

Architectural acoustics is primarily concerned with sound insulation, or more specifically with the question: How can I prevent sound from entering a room? In room acoustics, on the other hand, the question is: Which surfaces can I utilize to create the ideal sound conditions in the room? It is a matter of sound absorption, the capacity of surfaces to absorb sound and thus to improve acoustics.

This is where acoustic room optimization comes into play. Various factors must be taken into consideration, such as sound level, reverberation time as well as desired or undesired speech intelligibility (e.g. conversations in the background). This is a task that requires differentiated and comprehensive solutions.

Excellent acoustics: The comprehensive solution.

SonicWall is the unique series that combines excellent acoustics with an appealing appearance. It was designed to elegantly integrate acoustically effective surfaces into all areas of a room.

Sound absorption is achieved by means of sound absorbers. In the past, sound absorbers have tended to diminish the appearance of a room. Regardless of whether they wereused to reduce sound and reverberation time

Regardless of whether they wereused to reduce sound and reverberation time or for the purpose of blocking sound out (to prevent interferences), it seemed that good acoustics and an appealing design were difficult to combine. SonicWall puts an end to this problem – it offers attractive solutions for any task.

SonicWall Steel
This acoustically highly effective, micro-perforated steel material combines optimal acoustic efficiency with an appealing homogeneous appearance. The perforation is so small that it is barely visible from several feet away. SonicWall Steel can be integrated into the Monotop partition system as well the Asisto and Symbio cabinet systems – with Symbio, it can even be integrated into the rear panel.

SonicWall Clear
The translucent plastic honeycomb material with micro-perforation combines sound absorption qualities with a transparent and light appearance.

SonicWall Soft (stand-alone wall)
Fabric-covered, acoustically effective standalone wall with individual motifs or even fabrics provided by customers. As a solo wall or workstation divider.

SonicWall Soft (picture frame and ceiling element)
Ideal for the retroactive addition of absorption surfaces in a room: Fabric-covered, acoustically effective elements that can be hung on walls or from ceilings as ceiling absorbers. Both options come with individual motifs or fabrics provided by customers.

It’s your choice.

The SonicWall range offers the right components for your acoustics needs.

Cabinet systems, table systems, or entire room systems - variability is a priority for us.

Cabinet systems


integrated in fronts (hinged doors / sliding doors / drawers)


integrated in fronts (hinged doors / sliding doors / drawers) and rear panels

Table systems


adapted as a workstation divider and stand-alone wall


adapted as a workstation divider and stand-alone wall


adapted as a workstation divider and stand-alone wall

Room systems

integrated in wall and ceiling (ceiling with optional mood lighting)

adapted as a wall element (optional lighting) and as a suspended ceiling canvas or baffle

Preserving ecological value.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are very important to us. In our production, we use energy and resource saving processes, recycle a large portion of the materials we use, and aim for durability in our quality products.

SonicWall Steel – a green material
Steel recycling can be an important contribution to resource saving. Steel can be melted over and over again without losing any of its quality. In Germany, nearly half of all steel used is made from this “secondary raw material”. This lowers the amount of energy consumed by production – as well as CO2 emissions. Steel unites ecology, stability, and design in an ideal combination.

SonicWall Soft – textile made from 100% recycled PET
In a special procedure, PET bottles can be transformed into a thread that is woven into a high-quality textile, which is then suitable for printing in large formats. This procedure somewhat resembles the cycles of matter in nature, in which waste and old matter serve as the basis for new products. It takes approx. 15 recycled PET bottles (16 oz. bottles) to create a 10 ft2 textile print. The interior absorber filling is also available in recycled PET.

The benefits of SonicWall Soft

  • textile and interior absorber filling made from 100% recycled PET
  • low raw material consumption
  • living climate protection
  • protection n flame resistant