The Evolution of a Classic

Boring changing rooms? Not anymore! Those times are now over – C+P’s Evolo is setting new standards. And with its consistent design and the choice between an MDF or HPL decor front, Evolo now opens up new areas of use that were out of the question for old-fashioned lockers. Attractive looks with an enviable price-performance ratio: That is what sets the Evolo from C+P, the market leader in steel furnishings and fittings, apart from the rest.

With its tasteful decor exchangeable fronts, Evolo can offer a number of optical highlights. The doors can even be exchanged retrospectively. In addition to the visual plus points, the range features technologically intelligent solutions such as the unique drying and ventilation concept.

Increased anti-burglary protection thanks to extremely warp resistant doors:

This is ensured by closed profiles on the sides. The doorstep silencers are a standard feature.

54° profile in the body:

This innovative profile makes the locker even more stable and secure. Also, the interior can be cleaned and clothing can be removed more easily.

Slim looks:

The narrow lateral edge strips become unobtrusive separating elements in modular systems.

Evolo takes on any challenge

Cloakroom furniture and locker systems present special challenges more often than one might expect. Evolo is designed to meet such demands. For example with its innovative exchangeable door-front concept that allows for both steel as well as MDF or HPL decor doors. Or with a wide range of compartment sizes, subsections, top sections, useful accessory furniture and sector-specific and custom solutions. You will certainly find the right solution for your needs in Evolo’s complete range.

Wall mounted lockers, a variety of color combinations, different compartment sizes, open cloakroom solutions, a great many lock types and labeling systems and much more – Evolo adapts to all requirements.

Combination lockers:

The modular concept means that lockers can also be combined.

Integrated numbering:

Both for steel or for wood decor doors. The appropriate numbering is available as self-adhesive film in white aluminum or anthracite.

New door opening limiter 90°:

Made from special heavy-duty, plastic-coated stainless steel cable.

Matching seating and benches with coat racks:

Made of long-lasting steel tubing, with comfort hooks and optional shoe rack.

Various bench variants:

Available for installation in front or below, or low-slung, or with a storage box underneath.

A good start to the working day

Changing facilities in industrial and commercial premises – quite a different matter! Apart from the need to comply with workplace regulations, such facilities can have very specific requirements. Separation of street clothes and work clothes, forced ventilation, extra storage space, special hygiene regulations, or sealing of the floor fittings for mechanical cleaning. Also, alternative substructures, different bench arrangements, or special on-site plinths (e.g. of tiled masonry) may be needed. All of this is no problem for Evolo’s standard range. And it still all looks fantastic.

Door numbering near the lock:

Instead of the numbering being at the top of the door, numbering labels are available for the lock area – either with or without integrated door protection.

Evolo storage box:

Placed below the street clothes / work clothes variant, and can only be opened by the locker user. Inside, it provides storage space that was previously lost. Outside, it is flush with the floor and considerably reduces the amount of floor area that needs cleaning!

Storage box in beech wood design:

In addition to HPL (high pressure laminate), the seat of the storage box is available in solid beech wood.

Slanted roof to prevent improper use of the top of the locker:

If it is necessary to ensure that the top of the locker is not used (e.g. in hygienic areas), we recommend the slanted roof design. The sloping top can also be retrofitted.

Double coat hook:

Oval special wardrobe rail with anti-rotation, sliding double hook for very easy use. With system holder for hangers.

Equipped for all tasks

In addition to the areas where the classical locker is required, there are many rooms where assembled box lockers or open wardrobe solutions are useful. Evolo has the right lockers for these requirements as well, and they can be combined as required. The variable body construction makes a perfect basis for practical, multi-purpose lockers and flexible interior designs.

Assembled box lockers and open wardrobes:

Ideal to provide extra space and for areas where changing facilities are not needed (e.g. in the office).

Laundry and multi-purpose lockers:

From laundry lockers to cleaning utensil storage fittings to laundry collection and supply solutions: The Evolo range has everything!

Swing flap:

Laundry can be put in the collecting bin very easily.

Information material

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Thoroughly thought through

What really makes the difference are the details! Evolo has much more to offer than you may think. Ingenious and thought-through details – typical C+P.

Optimal corrosion protection with feet made of plastic:

They fit perfectly to the straightforward design, and they have a sleeve that covers the adjusting screw that is a standard fitting for height adjustment. A neat idea!

Increased anti-theft security with extremely warp resistant doors:

The closed side profiles make for better stability. The doorstop silencers are fitted as standard.

Equipment solutions in the locker

Partition below the hat shelf:

Made of steel, available as swiveling or fixed version. Alternatively made of plastic, can be moved / swiveled, easy to clean.

Additional shoe shelf:

Installation height approx. 50 mm. Can easily be retrofitted by a non-specialist!

Interior security compartment:

Instead of the hat shelf. With cylinder lock. Available for compartment widths 300 and 400 mm.

Equipment solutions for the door


On the inside of the door, size approx. 110 x 90 mm.

Towel / shower gel holder:

Made of chromed metal for the inside of the door, available for steel and decor doors.

Flip-flop / shoe holder:

Made of chromed metal for the inside of the door, available for steel and decor doors.

Systematic ventilation

The Evolo ventilation concept ensures that clothing dries and is aired effectively. It functions without additional ventilation equipment on account of the air-flow characteristics. Even the entire interior is uniformly ventilated in lockers with a base! (see image)

The principle:

The large air inlet at the rear of the base ensures very good ventilation and drying capacity in the locker The perforations in the front improve the efficiency. The air inlet for plinth lockers is above the set-back base.

Base can be height adjusted from inside:

Easy adjustment of individual lockers and locker rows.

Mechanical locking systems

Safety turning bolt:

It is not possible to destroy the locking mechanism by turning it too far as the locking cylinder only engages after the padlock has been removed.

Cylinder lock:

As platelet cylinder, pin cylinder or dimple lock. With master key function if required.

SAFE-O-MAT lock:

As deposit or token-operated lock with practical twin coin function.

Electronic offline locking systems

PIN code lock:

The simple solution with freely selectable PIN code. Ideal wherever no keys or data carriers are to be used.

GAT-Lock 6010:

Electronic locking system with button function and various options for data carrier integration.


Variable locking system with different operating options – from PIN code to transponder to NFC technology.

Anything goes:

The Evolo series includes a large number of optional extras – from the electric mirror face plate to interior lighting.

A great combination

C+P supplies a large range of coatings and surfacing options as standard. We shall also be glad to supply custom color and decoration solutions. You will find the full range and additional information on color options in the current catalog. Have fun choosing!

Body colors:

As well as the classic body colors light gray and anthracite, Evolo offers a large selection of other possibilities.

Door colors / Accentuation colors:

Strong or muted tones are especially suitable for doors or for accentuation.

Decor fronts:

Modern decor options are available for the MDF/HPL fronts and face plates.

Steel doors

MDF decor doors

HPL decor doors

The standard Evolo steel doors with doorstop silencers are extremely warp resistant, and the closed lateral profiles make them especially secure against break-in.

They can be coated with any color tone from the C+P palette – or with a special tone.

The optional MDF (medium density fiberboard) decor doors are also equipped with doorstop silencers and have anthracite colored edges all the way round.

In addition to the attractive standard decoration variants, many other special decoration options are available, depending on the number of items.

The top of the Evolo range is represented by the variant with doors of HPL (high pressure laminate). These doors also have doorstop silencers.

The peripheral anthracite-colored edge shows the highly compressed solid-core material of the HPL top.