Cegano makes meetings better

“A conference is a meeting which many people attend, but there is little to show for it at the end,” the German cabaret artist Werner Finck once remarked. Now we do things much better of course... or do we? The meeting culture may be going through a transformation: Informal meetings are rarely held in permanent, reserved rooms, but instead more spontaneously in team zones, lounges or near to the workplace. But does that automatically make everything more efficient?

Efficiency is the result of meetings that people enjoy attending, of the right environment and the right tools being in place and of the content being distributed spontaneously – whether two people are in attendance or twenty. This is where C+P comes into play. We have the right solutions for making meetings better. Furniture that makes state-of-the-art technology simple to use. And when we say “simple”, we really do mean simple.
You will find out more about furniture that enhances your meeting culture in this prospectus – that’s a promise!

Regardless of whether there are just a few people in attendance at your meeting today or you have to organize a large meeting tomorrow, Cegano furniture can be adapted to your requirements – mobile, simple and elegant. And the best thing is: The integrated technology can be made available to anyone immediately without extensive planning and having to employ specialists. Just connect it, use it and if necessary upgrade it flexibly.

The best possible addition

This is the SonicWall Smart with a curved design for the new curved screens. All receiver and control technology is integrated into the product.

The mobile SonicWall Smart – curved or straight:

SonicWall with integrated monitor – available either in a straight or curved design for the new curved screens. This design encompasses all receiver and control technology.


This is possible with all conventional solutions on the market from Cegano without using cables: Screen Mirroring is all about sharing your own screen content on the presentation monitor.

Stackable for space-saving storage:

Tables that are only used occasionally can be stacked and nested to save space.

Make it easy on yourself

Simplicity is an integral part of the product philosophy at Cegano. Simply transport the tables with the integrated casters to where they will be used. Deposit the tables and they remain stable without a locking device. Fold up the tabletop and simply connect the tables without having to bend underneath them. Fold up the tabletop again and engage the LOCK connector. Then you’re finished!

All cables and plug connections meet the standards of professional stage technology. They are extremely robust and are used to being frequently changed. After all, we don’t compromise when it comes to quality.

„Plug and play“:

The foldable tabletops have made the complicated connection underneath the table a thing of the past:
Set up – connect – use!

Option to choose between analog or digital

Hybrid technologies are all the rage as they give you the freedom of choice – just like the Cegano table. The most conventional analog and digital connections: VGA, HDMI and (Mini) DisplayPort can be found in the same cable flap. Only C+P gives you this option! Simply connect, press the relevant button on the glass control panel and present your content.

And if you want to edit confidential content again after the presentation: You can remove your signal from the presentation screen immediately by pressing the “X” button.


The Cegano media cart carries a screen measuring up to 100 inches or two screens each measuring up to 65 inches.  

In good shape:

Cegano gives you the choice: Standing or seat height? Classic round, rectangular or square design? Or do you prefer the innovative Wankel shape?

Lectern and projector table – the best possible addition:

The sophisticated Cegano add-on modules for every conference area.

Fold, don´t crawl:

The tabletops that can be folded up in just one action make connecting and linking tables a simple experience.

Flexible and stable:

The mobile Cegano conference tables are simple to move and remain stable without a locking device.

Stackable for space-saving storage:

Tables that are only used occasionally can be stacked and nested to save space.

Show your colors:

Cegano tables are available with different top decors and frame colors that match your surroundings and the desired ambiance.

Information material

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Cegano meeting

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Please select your table…

Three simple questions to start with: What is the minimum and maximum amount of people the conference solution is intended for? Which table shape is most suitable and do you like best? What technology should be integrated? Choose a suitable model for your needs based on the answers.

…along with your media solution

Another tip: Are you looking for specific solutions that you can’t find here? Then why not send us your inquiry detailing exactly what you are looking for

Symbio from C+P is available...

… in all conventional heights

from a filing cabinet for five binder rows on top of each other through to a desk-high cabinet with two binder rows and a height of 720 mm.

… in all conventional widths

with or without a centre partition, depending on the model.

… in various door models

as double-door, sliding-door, tambour-door cupboards, drawer cabinets or combination cupboards – or without doors as an open bookcase.

… with various front materials

e.g., steel, glass, wood decor or real-wood veneer.

… with various bases

e.g., with a base offset to the front or rear, on a sub-frame or on casters.

… with a series of top-plate solutions:

steel, steel + wood, steel + glass or even a wood-decor or real-wood plate solo.

… with intelligent and attractive interior fittings

from a classic shelf through to a telescopic drawer with toothed slide.


Available for almost all regional standards.

Wireless Charging:

Available in the international QI standard for many compatible devices.

Network (RJ 45):

Designed to supply data from the Cat-5e/6 standard upwards.

VGA (D-Sub) + Audio 3,5 mm:

Conventional analog connections for image and audio transmission.


Im Standard HDMI 1.4 (inklusive HDCP).


Digital multimedia connection (including HDCP).

Mini DisplayPort:

Digitaler Multimedia-Anschluss (inklusive HDCP), kompatibel mit Thunderbolt.


Drahtlose Übertragung von Bild­schirminhalten in verschiedenen Standards.